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Author: Collin Chandler

Outside of California exists a phenomenon known as “Seasons.” Those of us who experience the cold one have to make a choice. Whether you ride your board this winter or store it, your Onewheel should be properly maintained during the winter months. Here are some tips for storage if you decide not to ride. Or if you make the better choice to ride all winter we have stuff for keeping your Onewheel working properly and your body safe. 



Doesn't exist. I keep my mile streak going all winter long. There is no temperature too cold for me to ride for the time it takes to get my mile in. Often times bundling up for the ride takes longer than the ride itself. Multiple layers of pants, jackets, gloves, pads, hat, helmet, goggles, and hopefully in the right order. You're not going to do damage to your battery getting your mile in.

In general, you should avoid subjecting your Onewheel to temperatures below freezing for an extended period of time. You can check the diagnostics screen to see battery, controller, and motor temperature. If you're approaching freezing, time to get your board somewhere warm. 

One little trick I use to keep my streak going for particularly nasty days, if the Onewheel app doesn't know you got another mile it won't record it to the leaderboard. So you can get your mile, disconnect and close the app and get another mile. Then when you wake up the next morning, connect the app to the board and it will see the increase in mileage and record your mile for the day. 


  • Pioneer TireThe single best upgrade you can make to any stock board is a new tire. The Pioneer was made specifically for riding in snow and deep mud. Designed for stability and superior gripping in the most extreme conditions, it will give you the confidence to ride all winter long. People love confidence, ergo buying this tire will make people love you.
  • Badger Waterproofing KitIf you're riding in the snow, that snow will eventually melt. Make sure your board is protected from that water. 
  • GripplesAvoid the mount of shame. During winter and colder months the sensor can be more difficult to activate consistently. Gripples applied to your grip tape help apply consistent pressure to the sensor. 
  • Drop Top FenderRiding in dry snow with a fender will cause snow to collect above the tire. Riding in wet snow without a fender will have you covered in street salsa. Be ready for either scenario with an easily removable fender. 
  • T.A.C. Army BomberLayering up is important for keeping comfortable. Be ready for a slide on the ice with built in TAC Level 2 Pads. 
  • Float Riding GogglesKeep the cold wind out of your eyes and look good doing it. 

Storing your onewheel during winter

If winter riding is not for you but you want your board ready to ride in the Spring, you still need to properly store and maintain it through the Winter. 

  • Charge to 60%. This is optimal for the longevity of your battery. Turn on your board and connect the app to it at least once a month to verify you're still around 60%, or visually inspect the lightbar. 
  • Temperature matters! If you store your Onewheel in your garage and it is not heated, it can drastically affect your battery life or kill the battery entirely. TFL Onewheel Stand will help keep your Onewheel from taking up too much space inside where it belongs. 
  • Winter Clean Up. No reason to leave your Onewheel dirty. Give it some dry love. No dunking or spraying with water since you don't want to risk water intrusion. Clean the grip tape with TFL Wire Brush. If you're rocking rail guards, maybe now is a good time to change them up. If you're not, they can help make your board look brand new again. Need the tools to take it apart for a deep clean? Check out the Tool Kit.


The sun has come out and you're ready to dust off your Onewheel and start riding again. Here are some things to check before your first ride.

  • Charge and balance battery. Before your first ride you want to make sure your battery is properly balanced. It sucks when your battery dies at 30% and you're stranded miles from home. Leave your board on the charger for 72 hours to ensure proper balance. 
  • Check your tire PSI. If your Onewheel has been sitting for a prolonged period, some air may have escaped over time. Use an air pump like the Hella Small Pump to check your PSI. A good rule of thumb is 10% body weight. I.e. 150lbs = 15psi. 
  • Take it easy. Take some time to reacclimate yourself to riding.  A lot of the riding muscles you developed may need to be built back up. Foot fatigue goes away in time, but can also be alleviated with a good footpad like the Kush Lo. Or take a seat and ride like a cowboy with the Maxx Send Travel Chair.

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