T.A.C. Army Bomber

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Experience the superior protection and comfort of the TAC Army Bomber. This jacket features a Relaxed Fit and 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® lining for serious protection. Customize your protection level further with inner pockets for inserting CE certified pads and back protection. Ultimate safety and comfort!


  • Level 2 Pads Included
  • Quilted Lining
  • Subtle Branding
  • Media Pocket
  • Armpit Vents
  • Belt Loop
  • (x2) Slanted Zipper Pockets

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Patrick Flowers
A cool looking Moto type jacket, perfect for going hard and Falling.

Finally fell yesterday after using it for a few weeks, chunky vegetation salsa on a corner turn after rain. Fall was hard enough to have scraped some skin from my forearm off, even though I had another thin long sleeve under the jacket. The jacket was hardly frayed at the elbow/forearm where I landed hardest(always do), and had about 6 creases from the slide but zero tears.
As for the daily wear, this thing is more like a moto jacket than expected, and I think thats a good thing because unlike a moto jacket, you don’t look like a goof just wearing it. Windproof inner layer, back belt strap, ventilation zippers on the pits, sturdy cuffs, inside pockets. Good job on this one TFL!

Sean Brown

Tac army bomber is the great! The outside material is a little different then the other tac jackets. Its rugid as hell. Love the look. Been watching band of brothers so its been a vibe wearing it

michael fiumano
This thing is awesome

I just got it and I think it is great. I am 6'1" and 250lbs, and I got the XXL and it fit great, sleeves are the perfect length, and the armor is awesome, my only gripe is that the elbow armor seems out of place, like i could easily miss the armor with my elbow in a fall. It doesn't sit centered on my elbow, which could be a problem. Maybe it is supposed to sit to the outside of the elbow, not sure? Otherwise, i love the jacket and will wear itr whenever i onewheel for the added protection. It is also warm, so perfect for the fall and spring, maybe not so perfect for the middle of summer.

Brad Thomas

Looks great and has awesome protection. Thanks for keeping me rid in style!

This is it – the BEST armored jacket

6’5”, 200lb, 43in chest, LARGE fits perfect (normally I’d wear XL; props J.E. for the “don’t size up” tip!)

Don’t let the understated photos, description, or features-list fool you; THIS IS THE ONE, and it’s priced super competitively considering it includes Level 2 inserts.

The pockets are perfectly positioned & sized to hold a generous amount of bits & bobs. The armor sits where it should (doesn’t sag from its own weight).

A BELT LOOP! Finally! And the black/black makes it wearable anywhere/anytime, not just on the float.

This jacket is a sleeper in every sense. It’s the best possible torso protector ever engineered for what we do, 1 click away, and somehow not sold out yet! Get it before it’s gone forever 🖤