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Because it's not the size that matters...

The H.S.P is the only pump you'll every need for you PEV! This bad boy will fit basically anywhere. It's hella light, it can hit up to 150 PSI and it even has a freakin' light on it! This thing is super ill and you should definitely pick one up!

Keep it in your car, your backpack, your pocket, it don't matter this thing will fit anywhere... Well... Maybe not everywhere.... Please don't try to put this in your butt...

Customer Reviews

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William Collier
Hella Rad Pump!

Despite having a name like a SoundCloud rapper, this bad boy does the job, and does it well. Love the auto shut-off when it reaches the desired pressure. Fits in any bag no problem and an absolute essential for switching terrain types on long rides.


Hella-small, and hella-handy! Don’t leave home without it :)

michael Johnson
Awesome pump

Works so well I bought a second one to keep in my car. We take these on every ride we do

Luke Nikolich
Perfect little pump

Able to set the beads on two new tires! An enduro for my XR and a hellarad for the pint x. Yall crushed it again!

Brett Hagood
Hella Perfect Pump

It's got everything you need and nothing you don't. Throw it in your backpack and get floating! And as always, customer service is on point - you guys are the best.