TFL HellaRad Tire - Pint/Pint X Compatible

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The Pint slick tire to rule them all! If you're looking for the ultimate street tire, look no further. We based the TFL HellaRad Tire off of the infamous XtraRad tire, but made huge improvements in ride comfort, edge control, and snappiness. This is the last slick tire you'll ever want under your feet on a Growler or Pint/Pint X.

-A semi-soft custom durometer creates a dampened ride which significantly reduces off-road chatter and road noise.

-Slick treadless pattern with TFL wear indicators for the smoothest quiet underfoot feel.

-Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping create the largest possible edge contact patch while digging deep into carves for unparalleled edge hold and greatly reduced speed wobbles.

Compound Choice:
Soft compound will feel smoother, forgiving, and more buttery underfoot. However, due to it being a soft compound it will not last as long and tends to wear out quicker. 

Mid compound will increase the longevity of the tire, extending the period of time between tire changes. However, it will not be as forgiving underfoot and will have a more noticeable "edge" when carving.

Customer Reviews

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The Shorter-Wider Upgrade

Even though the numbers on the tire are half an inch more than the stock tire dimensions, in reality the Hellarad is wider but shorter, 95% as carvy, easily 50% more stable than OEM, grippy, and the most buttery tire I've ridden so far. It's a nice street tire with surprisingly capable off-road manners. It feels like you ride lower, and you're a touch slower... but it rips. It handles pavement great and compared to the stock Pint/PintX tire, it soaks up way more bumps, and is surprisingly capable off-road.

You're going to lose about half an inch of clearance, there's no hiding it. The stock Pint tire is 1.25" bigger in diameter than the HellaRad. At around 15 miles an hour, you're losing about 0.2mph at what was previously 15mph. Overall, I think it was worth the upgrade. My board is still super nimble but noticeably more planted and stable, and I'm not concerned enough about flat-out straight line speed that I noticed a big difference. I think it's good to learn the skills with the OEM tire, but I think this one would inspire a great deal more confidence to noobies and veterans alike. All in, I'm pretty stoked about it and I would recommend it to someone looking for an overall general ride improvement for their Pint or Pint X.


TFL HellaRad Tire - Pint/Pint X Compatible

Daniel Jacobs
Big Upgrade

Blew out my stock tire and this tire was a huge improvement! Super smooth and maneuverable with strong edge control. Highly recommended very happy with my purchase!

William H.
TFL HellaRad Tire Pint.(M)

A little soft. Got to suck it up and thrash it.

Growler Fun

Pretty sick tire