Retro 64 Kush Wide Footpad For Onewheel GT/GT-S

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*Limited Edition*

Growing up, everyone loved those translucent OG console colorways... so we did our own take on them!

Introducing the Retro 64 series! These GT Kush Wide's and GT Lifesavers will increase your board steez anywhere from 64-69% !!


Customer Reviews

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James G.
Not as advertised or pictured

This footpad has two additional cutouts that aren’t represented in the pictures and is missing two screw holes (doesn’t attach like a factory footpad). This is why I returned the product. I was then charged return shipping even though the product was not as advertised (which Float Life admitted to in email communications).

Hey James, sorry you were unhappy with your Kush footpad. The cutouts were added recently to incorporate a bunch of cool accessories (like the Kush Glow) we have coming that won't be compatible with the old style without the cutout. So having the new style is definitely a huge benefit! We also supply plugs with the footpads to perfectly fill-in the cutout area if you are not using it so performance is not affected in any way. I'm not sure what happened with the return shipping, but we can absolutely pay for that. I'll go ahead and refund your shipping now.


Awesome product

Trey Young

I love the feeling of having more space for my back foot. Gives carving and trails a whole new feel🤙

Jesse Seiber
Bring back the blue 😭

Please for the love of holy Jesus bring a blue that will match my mag handle

Craig Lee
Kush makes me ride harder and longer

I have the Kush nug on my Pint, had an OG Kush on my XR, and now Kush Wide on the GT. Its just like the others. You get better control and can angle your foot. The extra real-estate is nice for size 12 boats.

A Kush frontpad would be amazing. You will be happy with your purchase.