TFL 655 Enduro Tire - MTE 5" Compatible

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The 655 is our full-width version of the Enduro for our MTE hub. If you're looking for a 5" compatible tire with a more stable center-line that can still hold a solid edge through a heavy turn, the 655 Enduro is for you. If you're looking for a more nimble carvy tire, be sure to check out the 555 Enduro.

Size: 11.5x6.5-5 (ONLY FITS 5" HUBS)

The debate between tread vs. slick is over. The perfect blend of stability, grip, and carvability all in one package is here with the TFL Enduro Tire.

We spent over a year and countless prototypes to build the perfect hybrid tire. We took everything the community has learned over the last 6 years about what makes the ideal tire, and put it into the Enduro.

-A custom durometer creates a dampened ride which significantly reduces off-road chatter and road noise.

-A proprietary directional tread design with siping patches makes for the quietest treaded ride on the street, while a full wrap sidewall tread pattern boosts off-road edge hold and grip while charging through turns.

-Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping create the largest possible edge contact patch while digging deep into carves for unparalleled edge hold and greatly reduced speed wobbles.

Compound Choice:
Soft compound will feel smoother, forgiving, and more buttery underfoot. However, due to it being a soft compound it will not last as long and tends to wear out quicker. 

Mid compound will increase the longevity of the tire, extending the period of time between tire changes. However, it will not be as forgiving underfoot and will have a more noticeable "edge" when carving. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best tire for 5" hub!

This is probably the best 5-in hybrid tire on the market today! TFL knows what they're doing when designing their tires! The only tire I see buying myself in the future is the 5-in Pioneer!! Great job TFL!

Marty @lostboy.xiii
Good hybrid tire

The 655 enduro is stable and soft. It eats chunks and bumps very well. It just lacks the grip that I want for trails, IMO. It's a good hybrid if you ride 60 / 40 Street.

Steve Patrizi
This thing is so much fun!

I put about ~1K miles on the Performance Tire on my GTS and really enjoyed it—but this MTE/Enduro 655 combo is a blast. It really is like having suspension, and it eats trails for lunch. Bumps, ruts, and roots are super fun and there's no feeling of being bucked off. It felt a little more wobbly than the PT at first but I got used to that really fast. I weigh ~165 and am riding ~12.5psi on the n52 and it's like a cloud. One of the best mods I've made across all my boards.

Well. Freakin’. Done.

It’s about time! Finally a full size GT tire with extra meat. IMO big boards were made for big tires, not “GT growler” setups with little a$$ tires. It has the best profile. Super stable AND carvy at the same time? What? How did they do that? The best TFL tire I’ve ridden on the GT including 6” hub variants (except I haven’t ridden the TFL Pioneer because it came out later and stock GT hubs are gross) . Hopefully a 655 MTE Pioneer with the same profile is in the works. Good job to all the homies at TFL. (170 lbs rider. 15psi street and trail)