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With the lowest center of gravity of any aftermarket rail combined with that classic locked-in W shape, you gain more stability and control than you ever thought possible on a Onewheel™ GT! The Low-Riders were 100% purpose built for street shredding.

(US patent no. 11,325,021)


The WTF Rails were specifically designed from the ground up to absolutely crush trails. They set your weight at a lower center of gravity for an insane increase in stability without any loss in clearance! The upward angle under the footpads decreases the angle of approach while increasing foot grip for a safer and more secure ride. Dig deep into those turns, cut speed wobble, and stomp those big landing clean with the new WTF Rails.


We set out to make the most heavy duty, beautiful rails possible and the result are the Homebrew rails! Here are the key features:

- Aircraft grade aluminum aka pretty much the most badass aluminum available! We engineered fr the perfect blend of strength, weight, and heat dissipation properties.

- 2-stage finish pass leaves a unique surface finish that really pops!

- Deep CNC roll tapped threads

- 1/4-20 accessory attachment threads at hub for limitless customization!

- Optional add-on AirTag holder that doubles as a motor cable retention clip.

*We had a little factory mistake on this first run, so the "Low" logo on the bottom side of rail is backwards*

Keep in mind a small percentage of the GT motor cables are extra short and create too much tension. If you have one of these, feel free to hit us up directly via the contact form on the website. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Daniel Reistad
Worth every penny

Absolutely blew expectations out of the water and expectations were already high.

Robert Y
Glossy Goodness

Slippery silky sweet Street ... ummmm? Shredder!

Travis Cagle
WTF Low-Rider Rails are a GAMECHANGER!

Put about 15 miles on the Low-Rider rails yesterday. So stable now, small imperfections in the road are almost completely unnoticeable now. The install was very easy and the nRF connect I used to relevel was also a breeze. Highly reccomend!

Holy Shit What An Upgrade!

Easy to install, just watch the video on YouTube. Calibration was super easy as well. Now the ride…it’s awesome. I ride streets only and was excited to try these out. They are Super stable and it’s easy to go fast. I feel safer riding these. And they look SICK, I got the Gold ones. Got fender deletes on floatershack so it all looks real nice Clark.
10 outta 10 boys!

David Kyle
Wow. Such Easy. Very Chrome. Much Stable.

Update 2: Can confirm the wobble from a heavy carve only happens on hard concrete, which is mostly what I'm on. This is due to the stock slick tire being prone to slipping more because of the lower CG. Everything is perfect on asphalt, and fresh asphalt is amazing! I have a soft SP2 in the mail, which other Low Rider owners have confirmed are awesome on concrete. I think the lesson here is don't switch to WTF without having switched tires. And yes, I still pretty much only ride Apex now.

Update: Original review was only with Flow shaping. Decided to give Apex a try, and wow! Game changer! Definitely give Apex a shot. I don't think I will be going back to Flow. I think getting the Street Pro 2 will make things perfect. Will confirm or deny in a future update.

Rider Profile: 46 y/o M with 3.5 months and 340 miles experience on a stock GT only.
Expectations were exceeded on aesthetics. This is a quality and precision-crafted product. Install was a breeze, thanks to Jeff's helpful video. I just got done with a 10 mile ride at the college stadium nearby, which is a sprawling concrete landscape. The stability was noticeable immediately. Picking up speed is definitely easier to do thanks to the stability. I felt safer going fast. The ride did feel smoother most of the time. The only time it didn't feel smooth was when I was carving heavy, and putting a lot of weight to one side, which did not happen with stock rails. There seems to be a left to right wobble. It doesn't cause any balance issues, but it just makes the carve not feel smooth. It could be that I need to adjust my form, as it didn't always do it, and more shallow carves were certainly butter. I also did a rush job on the leveling recalibration without a level (was so excited to get out there), so I should probably redo that with more precision. Overall, for my current style of riding and skill level, these are a huge upgrade from stock, and I look forward to getting myself dialed-in to this new configuration. Get the TP45 key. Get the motor cable retention clip. See y'all in the streets, and FOMFs!