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Remember how big of a difference it was going from a 6" XR hub to a 6.5" GT hub? Well double that feeling, but in the other (actually good) direction and you'll start to get an idea of how amazing the MTE 5" hub rides.

For XR & GT riders:
N42: Highest speed, perfect for downhill racers trying to hit 30 mph, but also the lowest cost option for anyone who isn't pushing their board to the limit.
N48: Jeff's Favorite, a balanced option for those who like to ride through pushback at around 23 mph, and also want a little extra torque for climbing hills.
N52: Highest torque option, perfect for anyone who "respects pushback" and keeps it around 20 mph, and also wants the maximum extra torque for hills.

For GTS riders:
We recommend the N52 which is nearly identical to the stock GTS hub performance.  The N48 or N42 will also work but you'll lose 5-10% torque with the benefit being an even higher top speed if that's what you're looking for.


TFL 555 Enduro (a more nimble 11x5.5-5 size)

5" Vega W6 Rain CIK Racing Tire (11 x 6.00-5)

Maxxis 11×6.00-5 Rain Tire

Burris 11 X 5.50-5 Treaded Tire

coming soon...

TFL 555 Street Pro 2 (a more nimble 11x5.5-5 size)

TFL 5" Enduro (11.5x6.5-5)

TFL 5" Street Pro 2 (11.5x6.5-5)


*If you choose Grizzly bearings, we will press them into the hub for you at no additional charge :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
MTE 5” hub

I’m 300 pounds 6:2” and now on my gt with the MTE 5” with N52M I can hit hills that l couldn’t with a stock gt love it !

Syler Clayton
Best thing you can do to your board besides VESC

My partner and I have two boards with the same goal, to increase tire sidewall to give much needed suspension. However, their approaches are different. One has a big tire on a SuperFlux and one has a 555 Endruo on a MTE 5" Hub.

Both of them really help take the bite out of the bumps and potholes in the road. The 555 Enduro is also super carvey and feels more like a pint tire when running low PSI. In general the MTE 5" provides more sidewall and carvability than my big tire build. However, the big tire build is like a monster truck in that it can handle going over loose gravel (large egg shaped chunks) etc. In both cases, it really helps with the knees and just in general being able to ride without the fear of a small crack yeeting you off your board.

In general, I would recommend the MTE 5" over going big tire if I could only build one again. It does a even better job of suspension, is very fun to carve, and can work on your existing rails. I would recommend the N48 magnets for 18s.

In conclusion the MTE is maybe the most significant upgrade you can do for your board besides replacing with a VESC controller, especially if you have a 6.5" hub on a GT. VESC controller solves the safety issue of nosedive due to not enough power. MTE solves safety issue of getting yeeted off your board due to physics. This product is not overhyped. You will not ever want to go back to a large hub ever again.


Great packaging and a well made quality part, excited to ride a new tire with this thing!

George G
It’s legit.

I put it on my stock xr and it is noticeably more torke and the cushy of the xtra air volume is undeniably awesome. Waiting on my thor and this hub will go on to live its best life! FOMF!

Best float feeling - plus more tire options

Loving the MTE float feeling. Bumps barely exist now. Also gave me more tire options for the winter. Running a Burris which is biting the snow and slush. Maybe a TFL Pioneer will be in my future if a 555 version comes available.

I'll likely be running a 555 Enduro in the summer. Can't wait.

MTE compatible Pioneer going to be the one! Glad you're enjoying your MTE and I can tell ya this summer on the Enduro 555 is going to be one for the books!