Float Plates Onewheel GT Compatible

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Float Plates – GT Compatible

Set Includes:

(1) Float Plate – rear only

All necessary hardware for installation

Installation instructions

What are Float Plates?

  • Protect your investment. Float Plates are engineered for over 3,000 PSI of impact!
  • Expand your bag of tricks. No need to pour wax on that curb, as the Float Plates are self-lubricating. Slides, stalls, and drops all damn day!
  • These float plates at sized to fit the GT model.
  • Reduces friction on nosedives. Also great for nose and tail slides. Let's see what you can do!

Want to Learn More About Onewheel Accessories?

Check out the Float Life's Onewheel Accessories guide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Michael M.
Great product and Fast shipping

Screws could be a little longer (screws are consumable after all and available at any stocked hardware store) but otherwise exactly as I hoped. Float Plates are must have for your board!

Nate Johnson
Great product, needs better screws.

Love the product, but the screws it comes with have a shallower head than the stock FM ones. I'm kind of a dummy, so I'm worried I'm going to round the heads and have a tough time getting them out.


Just the right amount of slide. Absolutely necessary as it’s the only way I stop. Definitely recommend

Derek S.
Rear float plate, great

Good, slippery and fits well. It’s about a quarter inch thick. I like how slick and slippery it is when I drag my tail. And I drag my tail often. Good quality material. Probably just the right material. It feels great when I slow down hard and it drags. It kinda saves me when I decelerate hard and fast.

TFL is top notch

These guys are seriously great when it comes to products that are quality and necessity when it comes to protecting your onewheel or up fitting so your onewheel riding is better.