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V3 Float Plates for Onewheel+ XR

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V3 Float Plates – XR Compatible Only


(2) Float Plates – front and rear

All necessary hardware for installation

Installation instructions

What are Float Plates?

  • Protect your investment. The stock plastic battery and controller compartments are weak and prone to breakage. Float Plates are engineered for over 3,000 PSI of impact!
  • Expand your bag of tricks. No need to wax that curb, as the Float Plates are self-lubricating. Slides, stalls, and drops all damn day!
  • These float plates have sizes to fit the XR model.
  • Reduces friction on nosedives. Also great for nose and tail slides. Let's see what you can do!

Are Onewheel float plates necessary?

Yes, you need Onewheel Float Plates if you want to preserve your Onewheel XR. Without a Onewheel Float Plate, you're likely to damage or break that soft underbelly. The Onewheel Float Plate is designed to protect that underside and preserve your investment.

Support your favorite rider by rocking their pro model colors:

Float Life Teams - Black

Wheel Fun Stuff (Kyle Hanson) - Tiffany Blue

Elijah Soto - Dank Green

Bodhi Harrison - Bodacious Pink


Dom Williams - The Purps

Ryan Sherwood - Butter Yellow

Isaac Kosloskey - Pumpkin Spice Orange

Jake Leary - Titanium Grey

Jeff Mccosker - FM Blue

Kyle Taylor - IKEA White

Raequel Hoffman - Ron Burgundy


Want to Learn More About Onewheel Accessories?

Check out the Float Life's Onewheel Accessories guide!

Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Gerald Jones
Great addition to my OneWheel

Does exactly what they are meant to do. They protect my stock plastics. Definitely are a little more slick than the stock plastics when doing quick stops

Dan Merryman
Float Plates

I can't imagine riding my board without float plates! I feel much better about riding rough.

Nicholas Sullivan

V3 Float Plates for Onewheel+ XR

Tyson Perkins
Must have early accessory

I wish I had known about these earlier, before I banged up my stock bumpers! These are a great way to protect your Onewheel while also adding a cool color accent. Super easy to install, super effective, and great service as always from The Float Life!

Brian Telford

Still waiting for them guys as they still haven't reached Australia. I know I'll love them.