T.A.C. Army Bomber 2.0

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Experience the superior protection and comfort of the TAC Army Bomber. This jacket features a Relaxed Fit and 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® lining for serious protection. Customize your protection level further with inner pockets for inserting CE certified pads and back protection. Ultimate safety and comfort!


  • Level 2 Pads Included
  • Quilted Lining
  • Subtle Branding
  • Media Pocket
  • Armpit Vents
  • Belt Loop
  • (x2) Slanted Zipper Pockets

Customer Reviews

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john Trigg
T.A.C Army Bomber

Having the right gear frees up your riding to go harder stoked


190 lbs, 6’, M, trunk is loose, hands are tight, a little heavy. Nit sure if it useful in summer, but otherwise really good. Would buy again. Plenty of pockets.

Carlos Quiros
TAC Army Bomber

I commute to work on my One Wheel and feel vulnerable on city streets sharing the road with cars. Haven't "crash tested" it yet but feel safer when wearing it. Other than the shoulder pads, it's hard to tell it has padding in it, it's comfortable and stylish otherwise. Cool jacket!


Love this jacket. Good build, love the zipper pockets inside and out. Once again the customer service from The Float Fam has been outstanding, I got the wrong size and they were able to help me get things sorted and the right size delivered to me! Stay safe fellow floaters and do your self a favor by protecting yourself with the steziest bomber jacket you’ll ever put on!

A cool looking Moto type jacket, perfect for going hard and Falling.

Finally fell yesterday after using it for a few weeks, chunky vegetation salsa on a corner turn after rain. Fall was hard enough to have scraped some skin from my forearm off, even though I had another thin long sleeve under the jacket. The jacket was hardly frayed at the elbow/forearm where I landed hardest(always do), and had about 6 creases from the slide but zero tears.
As for the daily wear, this thing is more like a moto jacket than expected, and I think thats a good thing because unlike a moto jacket, you don’t look like a goof just wearing it. Windproof inner layer, back belt strap, ventilation zippers on the pits, sturdy cuffs, inside pockets. Good job on this one TFL!