T.A.C. Zip-Up Hoodie 2.0 (Sky Blue)

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Upgraded with Level 2.0 Pads for more comfort and better protection!


Gear up without spending forever gearing up, with TFL TAC Jackets.


  • Full front zip
  • Removable and swappable LEVEL 2 elbow, shoulder, and back pads
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric inner lining
  • Armpit zip-vents for cooling
  • Cuff thumb holes

Product Details

  • Relaxed Fit
  • Inner protective lining: 100% DuPont™ Kevlar®
  • Inner pockets at elbows, shoulders, and back, made for our CE certified pads and back protection. 

Inner pockets at elbows, shoulders, and back, made for our CE certified pads and back protection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeff Wallace
TAC zip up hoodie

I really like the TAC zip up hoodie. I am getting older and really dont like pain so I am a guy who pads up every time I ride. The zip up hoodie is perfect for me so all I have to do is throw it on and go. The protection it offers is great and I feel like it will do the job in the event of a get off.


Love this Hoody but.. the elbows tend to ride high and bend awkwardly.
They Kevlar pads have a little squishy-ness to them and better flex compared to the true 1’s.
The hoody is surprisingly heavier than I thought it would be and is surprisingly warmer than I thought it was going to be too.
The quality and look in person are even better than online here and it’s my favorite choice for going out to ride!

I’d give it five stars if the elbows fit properly..

M. Friend
Zippered Pockets, NOT.

Amazing protective hoodie, sized well, weighted well… what happened to the zippered pockets?! Def lost a whole star for the loss of zippered pockets. My original TAC hoodie had them… this feels like a downgrade.

Thanks for the feedback! Sorry we overlooked that feature, definitely something we will keep in mind with V3.

Cameron Vollmers
Features 🫨

Super comfortable, warm, great quality, ARMPIT ZIPPERS!?!
Overall happy with my purchase. I didn’t realize the under arm zippers were there til my niece said something. Perfect for spring riding!

Only complaint would be it can feel a little awkward getting the pads to sit correctly.

Brian Piper
Very nice hoodie!

It feels very well made and doesn't feel too hot while riding. Very happy with my purchase so far!