Join the badger himself Robert Allen as he walks us through the 3 different WTF versions.

 Standard, Steep&Deep, and Low-Riders.

Which version is your favorite? 

"These rails are designed to enhance your riding experience by providing different options for customization." 


Hey there, Onewheel enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of WTF (Wow, They're Fast) rails brought to you by Robert from The Float Life. These rails are designed to enhance your riding experience by providing different options for customization. Let's take a closer look at the three variations available and find out which one suits your style.

GT WTF | Standard


The GT WTF rail maintains the stock height on the ends, allowing you to keep your center of gravity low while keeping the ground clearance the same. This option offers increased stability, making it ideal for most riders. If you prefer a well-rounded rail for various terrains, including trails and street riding, the WTF Standard rail is a great choice. These are the original WTF design and the favorite of riders such as Jeff McCosker to tackle both street and trail. You want the Swiss Army knife of Onewheel GT rails? Well this is it. 

GT WTF | Steep&Deep ⛰️

For those seeking extra ground clearance, especially on aggressive trails, the Steep&Deep rails are perfect! With a slightly steeper angle of five degrees on both ends, you'll gain about a quarter-inch of additional clearance compared to the stock rail. However, please note that you may sacrifice a bit of stability with this option depending on your ride style. If you frequently use flight fins or any other foot hooks and clearance is absolutely the most important aspect, this rail is highly recommended. Best suited to steep and chunky agressive downhill riding. This is Robert Allen's favorite rail design. 

GT WTF | Low-Riders


Designed specifically for street riding and commuting, the Low Riders offer the ultimate in stability and smooth ride. These rails are a bit lower than a half-inch lower kit, providing a lower foot placement for a locked-in feeling. Despite the lower height, they offer increased clearance on the sides when compared to the Half & Half Lower Kit, making them suitable for those who enjoy a lower kit setup, but don't want to sacrifice substantial clearance. Note, the Low-Riders are not designed for agressive trail riding so if you want to hit gnarly trails, these might not be the rail for you. 

"To determine which rail is right for you, consider your riding preferences."


 The Steep and Deep rails excel on intense trails like those in Bentonville, or DirtSurferz, where you encounter challenging drops and steep ravines. They pair well with flight fins and other foot hook systems, ensuring a secure and stable ride. If you enjoy cruising at around 20+ miles per hour, this versatile rail has got you covered. It's also a great choice for street riding. Lastly, the visually appealing and sleek Low Riders are ideal for group rides, commutes, and fast-paced rides where you want to turn heads.

Remember, the stock rail is recommended only as a backup or for servicing your board. It's best to explore the options available to enhance your Onewheel experience fully. The WTF rails from The Float Life provide different flavors for riders of all kinds. Plus, keep an eye out for the upcoming exciting color options they have in store.

That's it for now, Onewheelers! We hope you found this overview of WTF rails helpful in making an informed decision about upgrading your ride. So go ahead, choose the rail that matches your style and preferences, and elevate your Onewheel adventures. Happy riding!

Bodhi Harrison riding his WTF Standard Rails on his Onewheel GT

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    Could you please release .dxf files or .stl files for being able to do railguards for the new XR WTF rails?

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