TFL x TiGr® Mini+ Onewheel lock

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TFL and TiGr® teamed up to bring you the safest Onewheel lock on the market that fits all models without any modification or accessories. Obviously no one is locking up overnight but if you need to run into the store, chill at the bar, hang at the park without stress, or any other circumstances when you need to leave your board for a bit, the TFL x TiGr® lock will keep your board secured and safe! With a slim design and weighing in at a mere 16oz, you wont have any issues bringing it along on your ride.  

ART® Level 2 Certified Blue steel TiGr® mini+ shackle

- Flexible, wraps around the things you want to protect
- Locking area ~8"/203mm long, ~4"/102mm wide 

Stainless steel TiGr® cylinder
- Push-button locking for quick lock-ups
- Robust, pick-resistant disc tumbler mechanism
- Knurled ring for sure grip

Reinforced TiGr® bike mounting clip (If thats what you're into)
 - Holds the lock snug as you ride
 - As easy to attach as a bottle cage


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great lock

Quality is second to none.

I've been looking for this forever!!

Works perfectly, and is pretty flexible...yet strong. Made for OneWheel indeed!

Christopher Cox

TFL x TiGr® mini Onewheel lock

I trust that lock

Well maid, sturdy and not too much that heavy for a first quality lock. The preformed shape do the job in almost every situations and the clear rubberized coating protect everything that come in touch with. The down side is the size, if not in a back pack it’s uncomfortable to ride with. I still recommend it strongly and use the inner space of the lock to protect my charger when in my back pack.

It’s pricey but you got what you pay for that mind peace. No one will rob me my favorite toy!

Best lock for the Onewheel.

Simply the best lock for the Onewheel branded with TheFloatLife logo! The white one is super cool!