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1Protect and The Float Life have a rad new collab for you to enjoy! These OW specific full finger gloves are made to keep your knuckles happy and your palms protected. With two palm puck choices you have the option for slide protection or impact protection so you can dial in your set up for each specific ride! 

 If you're in between sizes, size down :)


⚡️Perfect gloves for off-roading or when you need a little more protection

⚡️Comfortable full-finger protection

⚡️Ability to use your phone with gloves on

⚡️Ability to use your hands while still protecting them

⚡️Enhanced beefy dual Knuckle protection

⚡️1 set of removable hard TPU palm pucks

⚡️1 set of removable soft palm pucks

⚡️Made specifically to protect Onewheel® riders

1Protect Glove Size Chart

DISCLAIMER: No glove can protect you from all types of crashes. 1Protect has tested our gloves in a variety of conditions and we strive to make the best possible glove for riders looking to reduce their chance of injury. 1Protect makes no guarantees of protecting you in the event of an accident. These gloves are not wrist guards or safety devices. They do not guarantee to protect the rider in any specific way. Skateboarding, Onewheeling, and all sports of any kind are dangerous. We highly recommend you always wear a helmet and take personal responsibility for your safety on each and every ride. 

Customer Reviews

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Vegan materials.....

I've had 4 pairs of these gloves over the last year and I would be leaving this review on 1 protects site but they don't allow reviews..... that should tell you something. I love the gloves for about 3 rides and 1 crash then they are torn to shreds. They are not in the slightest bit made from durable material, 1 protect virtue signals on their site saying they are made with "vegan" materials meaning no leather I guess..... well they are shit! The material is super thin they tear easily and quickly for that matter. As much as I hate supporting future motion I will be running functions from now on they just last longer as they prioritize quality material over virtue signaling bs, if your priority over there in the pnw is making sure antifa doesn't burn down your shop well I hate to break it to you but your product is gonna be sub par if you use sub par materials in the pursuit of that virtue signaling bs. Be better 1 protect use quality material so these gloves will at the very least last a season. Or drop the price to 10$ so the disposable nature of them matches the price, these are literally disposable gloves, you crash once and use them they are toast....
This review is nothing against tfl aside from the fact the decided to put their name on a 1 protect product but funny enough have you noticed ain't nobody in their videos wearing them...... I wonder why?? Look elsewhere for gloves unless you are looking for a set of disposable gloves.




Awesome product. I needed one size up. Gloves ran small. Easy return process tho.


The best gloves for daily riders

Taylor Wilcox
Runs small

I saw the reviews so I ordered a size up. Still to small. Felt cheap