T.A.C. Soft Shell Jacket

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Gear up without spending forever gearing up, with TFL TAC Jackets.


  • Full front zip with custom button snaps
  • Removable and swappable elbow, shoulder, and back pads
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® fabric inner lining

Product Details

  • Relaxed Fit
  • Inner protective lining: 100% DuPont™ Kevlar®
  • Inner pockets at elbows, shoulders, and back, made for our CE certified pads and back protection. 
  • High Visibility Reflective Details on the Arms

Inner pockets at elbows, shoulders, and back, made for our CE certified pads and back protection. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Fernando Vasquez
Best jacket for the cold

I got the bright yellow reflective soft shell jacket. It's so cold outside at night but this jacket keeps me warm when I am riding night trails. I love the padding that is built in. I still can wear my own pads for extra protection too. This has been my best onewheel related purchase. I hope to see more of them in different unique designs.

Sierra Goins
That Edgerunner drip with protection to match

High vis is right, this green pops! Between that and the reflectors I'm confident I'm seen on the road, which is where I have to do most of my riding. The pads are nice and stiff so I know I'm covered if I fall and they aren't kidding about Kevlar lining. There's so much of the stuff my arms barely fit down the sleeves. That said, the mesh breathes great so I can't complain about the snug fit. Probably safer that way. I've gotten a lot more confident on my board now that I know there's something sturdy between me and the asphalt at speed. Can't thank the people at TFL enough for all the goodies too! I vape but my friend was very appreciative of the hemp papers and tube and we both got a laugh out of it. More laughs later, I'm sure ;)

very cool

I like it, the back protector could be more conforming to the back, and the chest doesn't have any armor. I think it is great overall and looking forward to getting some fall winter weather rides in with it.

Christopher Pousche

T.A.C. Soft Shell Jacket

TAC jacket👍

I ordered a team outfit, but the protector is so good and I really like the jacket. Asians should choose a small size to fit well^^