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The Street Pro tire is back and better than ever! We based the design off of the beloved and v-rare Burris Street Pro for the XR, but dialed it in specifically for the GT. The Street Pro 2 is lighter, torquier, and and is an estimated 69.420% smoother riding than the stock slick 🤘 Level up your street riding game with the Street Pro 2 aka the smoothest GT tire on the planet!

-A semi-soft custom durometer creates a dampened ride which significantly reduces off-road chatter and road noise. The Street Pro 2 can be ridden a higher psi if you want to max out range and carvability without a significant hit to ride comfort like you get with a stock tire. Or lower that PSI down for a stable, cushy marshmallow feel. No longer will potholes be a game of Russian Roulette as the Street Pro 2 eats them significantly better than stock.

-Nearly 15% lighter than the stock slick and almost 30% lighter than the stock treaded means this tire is FAST! The increased torque can be felt immediately.

-Progressive sidewall durometer and shoulder shaping create a healthy edge contact patch while digging deep into carves for solid edge hold and greatly reduced speed wobbles without sacrificing nimbleness.

Customer Reviews

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Doug Levy
Good traction

Was riding the Enduro on my GT. I've got about 150 miles on the Street Pro. This tire has a wider flat area across the center and is more stable when stopped. It carves great on the street. I don't ride much dirt. The rim of the tire seems stiffer and was more difficult to install. Best GT tire I've tried for me. I'm seeing increased range.

Brian Powers
Most excellent!

Great alternative to the Enduro if you don't need the tread. It's the closest thing to a Whisper on the GT in the 6.5 size.

John Jordan

So sweet. It’s my new pavement favorite but it eats a trail too. (Still love my Enduro!) I loved my XR Whisper and this does that for me on the GT. Same feel. Awesome tire. Definitely not a VEGA but who the hell wants that?! This guy is light, nimble and torquey. Well done again, brothers and sisters at TFL!

Noel Stoddard
Not for me

This tire is just too squirrelly for me. I'm 170lbs and usually ride at 15-17psi. This tire at that psi is not fun at all. I have it down to 10psi right now and still feel like I'm getting pulled into any slight dip on my right or left side. What really sucks is I had the Enduro on before this, and gave it to my friend when I put on the Pro 2. Currently on a waitlist for another Enduro, lol.


The street pro 2 (SP2) is the perfect street tire for the GT. It’s more nimble than the Enduro, and seems to have a slightly smaller overall diameter, making the torque delivery more punchy. It soaks up all the bumps and performs way better than the future motion stock slick. It also holds an edge very well with its progressive shoulders for nice big lines while carving and feels butter smooth. Additionally, the rubber compound seems to do well off road. I’ve tested out every GT tire available to include the stock FM slick and treaded, TFL enduro and the SP2. The SP2 is hands down my favorite. If you’re on the fence, just buy it, you won’t regret it.