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Stay-A-Float Premium OW Specific Tire Sealant is made in the USA and bottled right here at the Float Life shop in Sacramento, CA!

*Cannot ship outside of USA.

  • Extends Life of Tires: Protects against punctures, flats, blowouts, porosity leaks and tread separation, and permanently seals leaks for less tire wear and longer life
  • Use on Any OW Tire: From a stock Vega, to a Burris treaded, Stay-A-Float is 100% compatible with all OW tires! Plus it won’t clog your valve stem like other thicker sealants.
  • Protects Tire: Seals wounds up to 1/4″ in diameter and inhibits rust and corrosion on your rim and valve stem
  • Won’t Freeze: Protects tires in temperatures from -40° to 200+°F and won’t freeze or evaporate inside your tire.
  • One and Done: One application lasts the life of the tire
  • Easy Cleanup: Water-soluble fluid for easy cleanup
  • A Little Goes A Long Way!: Stay-A-Float is engineered to a mid-level of viscosity to be not too thick and not too thin. Too thin and it will slosh around in the tire. Too thick/bulky and you have to use A LOT which increases weight and cost. With most applications only requiring half a bottle, Stay-A-Float is the Goldilocks of OW tire sealant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
David Lowrie
Seems legit.

Luckily I haven't had to experience the sealent in action, but coming from a cycling background and having dealt with lots of mountain bike tire sealant in the past, I can say that this stuff has a nice thick viscosity, that should be able to plug up any staple hole no problem and would most likely seal very well around the head of a nail until you can get a plug for such a puncture. 🤙

Robert Yvon

Sad because no tire in stock. Sits on shelf, dreaming of stoke.

brian jankowski

Estimated cost to replace bearings for one wheel xr.

Jeff Snider
WTF-Will Target Flats

Wowza this xtra strength is great! Pulled a 1” long torn outta my tire that easily made an 1/8” hole. Sealed up immediately!!! Maybe 3-4 little bubbles or air and nothin! Filled that hole like no other. Stick it in ur tire to fill ur hole!

Generic Must Have so save the extra shipping charge.

Tire sealant is essential in a onewheel tire. I know this because my old tires are always oozing the stuff. I have no clue whether this blue stuff is any better than the red, black, yellow, or green stuff, but I saved a shipping charge by ordering it with my tire.