XR Homebrew Rails - WTF (Standard)

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(US patent no. 11,325,021)


The Homebrew WTF Rails were specifically designed from the ground up to absolutely crush trails. They set your weight at a lower center of gravity for an insane increase in stability without any loss in clearance! The upward angle under the footpads decreases the angle of approach while increasing foot grip for a safer and more secure ride. Dig deep into those turns, cut speed wobble, and stomp those big landing clean with the new Homebrew WTF Rails.


We set out to make the most heavy duty, beautiful rails possible and the result are the Homebrew rails! Here are the key features:

- Aircraft grade aluminum aka pretty much the most badass aluminum available! You get full steel strength with aluminum light weight!

- 2-stage finish pass leaves a unique surface finish that really pops!

-Deep CNC roll tapped threads

-Deleted vestigial center vent hole for increased strength and resistance to bending

-Inner hub bolt access ports

-Tighter tolerances at the axle bolt holes to quiet movement and noise.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Juan Wheel
Look and feel great!!

I’m a street cruiser and these were an impulse buy. I was actually about to return them because I kept telling myself I didn’t “need” them. But all I can say is WOW!! I’m glad I installed them. Paired with an Enduro these things are 🔥 My XR came to life and feels completely different in a good way. The gains in stability and confidence are amazing. My first ride with these I hit a new top speed without even trying, they feel so stable and planted. I highly recommend these, even if you’re just a street cruiser like my, the gains in confidence, stability, maneuverability, and steez are worth the money!

Roshan Ford
Float like butter🤙🏾

Excitement Feels like the first time I got a onewheel, and the ride is even better than I imagined. Definitely makes the difference when wanting to be locked in.

John Doe
Good Stuff

Stability and control are much better. Going through choppy trails and up hills is also easier. The gunmetal grey looks straight sexy in person. 10/10

Jason Boyer
Huge improvement over straight rails

I’m a casual cruiser but that locked in feeling was still welcomed. The difference isn’t drastic, but it’s enough to feel much more confident, especially during deep carving. WTF eliminates that feeling of possibly sliding off the board in a carve, and tacoing doesn’t seem as much of a concern for similar reasons.

There is a caveat with this new run of rails. The compound angles they use to get the deck angle appear to be different, and off the shelf rail guards for previous WTF rails don’t fit. They should have warned us on the purchase page!

abdullah alqattan

until now i didnt recieve it