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No, I'm not going to call these "Rim Jobs" so quit asking!

If you're a fan of TFL, you know we ride our boards tough and tend to break the hell out of em'!  Well, after countless shattered rims, we finally decided to do something about it. Life Savers rim guards are poured from the same material as our Kush line of footpads, so you know they can take a hit and bounce back.  They take a beating so your hub doesn't have to. $29 for protection, or $550 for replacement, the choice is yours.  TFL LifeSavers give your rim (and your wallet) a fighting chance. Don't settle for low quality 3d printed knockoffs, get the original and best Onewheel™ rim protection right here.

Installation instructions here:

-o- If you're having trouble installing Float Life Savers, heat them up a bit with a heat gun/blow dryer/oven and that will make them a touch stretchier -o-

Customer Reviews

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GT lifesavers

Love the look of the new GT Lifesavers!! The rounded edge gives it that extra curb appeal!! Great job guys!!

Amazing stuff

Fit great, look great, and they do what they are supose to. First one was a pain to get on. Second one was a breeze. Just a bit of a learning curve. The benefits of having them on make it worth the struggle of installation. Highly recommend getting a set. Especially if your changing the tire.

Mike burgess
New revision?

This is my second d pair of life savers. The shape and fit on these are much better than my last pair. Highly recommended!

float life savers

I recently changed from the stock tire to the Enduro. I decided to add the SAVERS to the process. It was for the added protection for the hub. they aren't "easy" to install but can be done. Watch the float life video, don't get in a hurry. If you get frustrated take break and come back to it. I am not an aggressive rider but still wanted a little bit of extra protection

Looks great but what a Hassel to apply

Let me first say that the protection that this thing gives is definitely worth it along with the personality it gives the board. The bad is that these lifesavers are STIFF! All my strength and rage that I could summon from all the pain from the past 31 years wasn't enough. I highly recommend boiling them in water at least a minute and a half each because it helps considerably. Even when you boil them though it's still requires a lot to get them on. They're on and it's done I hope to never take them off.