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I don't know about you, but we like the peace of mind that comes with knowing our expensive computer mouse is resting on a proper pad. Also, maybe it's just my computer mouse that sometimes drips wax and oil on my table, but that's annoying for sure. To solve these problems that plague all of us computer users, we now have the TFL Mouse Pad! Get lifted into the world wide web in style with the official TFL dab mat... uhh... wait... NO I MEAN MOUSE PAD! Definitely a mouse pad. It's a mouse pad you guys!

With an all new Mushie graphic! 

Customer Reviews

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I seldom write reviews and don’t even like mouse pads

Favorite swag purchase so far, and the coolest mouse pad in the office. Affordable, stylish, and not cheaply built—the edges are sewn so they won’t fray.

I’m hopeful this won’t leave the shelves in the coming years; I don’t have a leaky mouse but you never know what could happen in this heat.

Izzy Vildosola
Desk setup full swagged out!!

Now that I have the Decider Dice Mouse Pad my desk setup looks stylish with it there. So happy with the purchase!!!