*BLEM* Float Life Savers - GT/GT-S Compatible

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No, I'm not going to call these "Rim Jobs" so quit asking!

If you're a fan of TFL, you know we ride our boards tough and tend to break the hell out of em'!  Well, after countless shattered rims, we finally decided to do something about it. Life Savers are poured from the same material as our Kush line of footpads, so you know they can take a hit and bounce back.  They take a beating so your hub doesn't have to. $29 for protection, or $550 for replacement, the choice is yours.  TFL LifeSavers give your rim (and your wallet) a fighting chance. Don't settle for low quality 3d printed knockoffs, get the original and best Onewheel™ rim protection right here.

Installation instructions here: https://youtu.be/xgaNCzN1tI0

-o- If you're having trouble installing Float Life Savers, heat them up a bit with a heat gun/blow dryer/oven and that will make them a touch stretchier -o-

Customer Reviews

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An Ly
Life Savers

Could not tell what the blem was honestly! It was hard to put on but lots of YT videos out there to help.

Tips: Putting them in boiling water for a few minutes helps make them easier to maneuver. Stretch them over the rim and then pulling them back on the rim was easier for me.

Looks great on the rim and very happy I went with life savers over the knockoff 3d printed one.

Nick San Flip
Classical good looks

White color adds nice old skool pop to the ol’ enduro tire. Protect that rim and look good doing it.

David Charles
The Float Life

Doesnt really matter what you buy, these guys are amazing, I’ve been a customer on and off for a couple years, hate spending too much money so usually trying to find the deals and here it doesn’t matter if you’re buying blem or not they treat you like family, I love shopping here.
Definitely miss the free shipping for leaving reviews.

vick etikala

Hard to get on, but worth it once you do.

I should have watched the video more than once

This is not my first purchase from float. I'm a big fan of your products they just work they're comfortable well thought out and unlike other companies you get the customer there's always just a little bit of swag. I was in the construction business on New York City union carpenter. A T-shirt and a pencil went a long way it showed that you were appreciated and you were needed in some small way. I did this for over 25 years until I had an unfortunate scaffolding accident which left me disabled and unable to do my job. It did leave me with it did leave me with bear paws for hands. Through my own stubbornness I knew I had the videos down pat in my head which I did not it took me two days to put the tire and the rim protectors on wrong and right many times the lactic acid build up in my hands from the rim protectors made me want to scream. I watch the video again and I looked at the gentleman's hands on the video and I was ashamed of myself. Next time I'll spend a little more time watching videos and a lot less time in pain and sweating . On to the product review is it even necessary the Enduro tire speaks for itself just a giant marshmallow that carves like everyday is power day. The big surprise was the large rear foot pad what difference could that actually make. It turns out to be a great difference in comfort and control I mean a tremendous difference I'm thrilled that this came in the package I wasn't really looking for it I just wanted the wheel and the protection for the sides and the tail. The super bonus was that large foot pad possibly the best product in the box as far as impressing me. Like I said I have an XR and I have bought the Enduro tire before and was familiar with it. It is even better on the GT with that extra power. Yes I would recommend float and do recommend float to anyone that has a one wheel to dress up their board and make it into what they need. And yes I will be back by some more of your products. I am also looking forward to the launch of your new board. Congratulations I know it has been a huge uphill battle. You should be very proud breaking through like that awesome dude!