*BLEM* Float Life Savers - XR Compatible

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No, I'm not going to call these "Rim Jobs" so quit asking!

If you're a fan of TFL, you know we ride our boards tough and tend to break the hell out of em'!  Well after countless shattered rims, we finally decided to do something about it. LifeSavers are poured from the same material as our Kush line of footpads, so you know they can take a hit and bounce back.  They take a beating so your hub doesn't have to. $55 for protection, or $550 for replacement, the choice is yours.  TFL Life Savers give your rim (and your wallet) a fighting chance.

Installation instructions here: https://youtu.be/xgaNCzN1tI0


-o- If you're having trouble installing Float Life Savers, heat them up a bit with a heat gun/blow dryer/oven and that will make them a touch stretchier -o-

Customer Reviews

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Jeff Jessop
Good value

These aren't bad at all for the discounted price. The 3 sets I got had a little dent in the surface of the rubber, or a small miscolored spot on the inner lip but nothing too noticable, especially while I'm riding

Amazing product!!!

Saves my rims from all the roots and curbs, love them! The new version adds a lot more clearance between the rail and rim. I rocked the Tiffany blue for the past couple years and they looked amazing but the squareness of the rim saver gave me about 3mm clearance between my rim and rail. This rounded version I have about a cm between the rail/lifesaver!
Thanks TFL!!! Always A+ customer service and products! Best aftermarket accessory company ever!!

Kevin Austin

Went on easy and look great. Can’t tell the difference between these and non Blem.

Patrick Bell
Hard to fit

They changed the design and material used. It made it extremely difficult to go on, but once on it seems it will absolutely not move which is great. Make sure to debead the tire and don't be afraid to roll the back over the lip and back on.

Float Owl
Great deal

Totally functional and only slightly blemed, I just added oil based marker designs and made the savers better than ever.