Badger Bumpers (XR)

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(Compatible with XR only)

*See below if you’re using WTF Rails by The Float Life.

Includes Front and Rear Bumper and all hardware.

ZERO threaded inserts to strip, rip out or crack.

Front Bumper attaches directly to the rail, preventing damage to the controller threads.

Stainless Steel internal skeleton reinforcement eliminates exposed screws on the ends of the rails, and is re-usable when replacing bumpers. No need to remove fender and footpad.

High-tech material blend is 10x more durable than stock bumpers.

Front handle reinforcement bar doubles as a tow-hook. Easily pull your Onewheel if you run out of juice.

LED gussets prevents direct impact and allows the bumpers to ramp over obstacles that hit the center. Spaced to allow full forward illumination and rear visibility at night.

3/8” extra width at the ends of the rails provides extra rail protection and long life.

Debris guard blocks dirt thrown by the wheel..

*WTF Rails will require you to either skip the 1/4” screws on the front brackets (bumpers will still work fine) or you can use a countersink tool to modify the rails to accept the screws. You can get one at Home Depot. Click here for an example.

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Bumper Instructions (1).jpg

Customer Reviews

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Joel Kass
XR badger bumpers

10/10 amazing product and fast delivery!


Badger Bumpers (XR)

Rev Arturo
Not into Badger Bumpers

After installing I immediately regretted purchasing. Even thought the price was only $25, should have stuck with Bangs. Dislike the angle of the bumpers, seems mellow when doing nudges. The fit is sloppy with gaps. Badger Bumpers aren’t my cup of tea.

Just get the bang bumpers

I bought these because they were the cheaper alternative the to BANG Bumpers, and now I see why. They're made of cheap plastic that chips and scratches very easily. I 'm learning how to nose drag and in total I've probably dragged 10 feet and and have riden these for just less than a month and I already hit screws!!! Now lets talk about the screws when you order the bumpers they it comes with a bag screws all different sizes and 4 brackets. This makes the process much harder because the holes don't line up and the instructions on the website isn't the best, making it much more overly complicated to install and the brackets that are meant to move the screws to a different area so that you hit screws after a lot a wear an tear but It only delayed grinding down the screws for maybe a week longer than Float Plates. So inconclusion, I don't think there any better than stock OEM bumpers so please DO NOT BUY!!! Save up a little more for the BANG Bumpers.

Best bumpers for $50 1 complaint

These bumpers are the best bumpers you can get for $50! My only complaint is that they were overly complicated to install with the brackets and different screw sizes. Small chunks of the bumper come off when you drag over small rocks. But so far no major issues.