Gripples Adhesive Replacement Pack

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Nobody likes when their Gripples are all over the place. Keep those Gripples stuck in your preferred Gripple location. Replace your old adhesive with a fresh strip of sticky goodness and stay locked in on those trails!

Includes: (5) 3M Replacement Adhesive Strips

Note: Clean your existing Gripples before applying new adhesive strip. Also make sure to slap on a fresh piece of grip tape or clean your current grip realllllllyyy well. After applying your Gripples to your board, let adhesive rest 24hrs before shredding for maximum adhesion

Customer Reviews

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The real deal

I had placed the gripples initially thinking I was going to ride regular but then started to do switch and had to re-position them. This did the job and are the same original gripple adhesives!

Timothy Cartwright
Works Great

Way better than my homemade solutions. They are comfy and effective. Many Thanks! Float on my friends