TFL Tire Levers (2-pack)

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Uncle Keaton needed an all-in one tool for his tire changing needs, so we made a special one just for him. Are you having trouble getting that beer soda water down your throat quick enough? No problem, we got a built-in shotgun tool! Does the TFL Tire Lever make tire changes easier or does it just help ease your frustrations when trying to break that damn bead? The answer is YES!


  • tire lever
  • bottle opener
  • shotgun tool
  • soda can opener

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Corey Martin
Made them work.

Now that I've done the tire change I could probably do it again with out snapping the bottle openers off. Words of wisdom, do not push on the far ends hoping for more leverage because they will break. Other than that decent product.

Jonathan Reynolds
Tire levers

Worked very well. Made the job much easier.


Great quality plastic, much better than trying to use bike tire levers. 🤙

3 out of 4 broke

These would've been great if it were just a tire lever and not a multi tool. I cautiously bought 2 packs and was kinda glad and regretful that I did. 3 unsurprisingly broke right at the thin section before the bottle opener. I was able to keep one intact but this didn't make removing my tire any easier. Just get a legit one from a bike shop.

J Koons
Tire levers are legit

Prior to getting the TFL levers I was using some harbor freight garbage. These things are the real deal. Quick and easy and o a beer shotgun tool on the other end to make the process easier 🍻