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No, I'm not going to call these "Rim Jobs" so quit asking!

If you're a fan of TFL, you know we ride our boards tough and tend to break the hell out of em'!  Well after countless shattered rims, we finally decided to do something about it. Life Savers are poured from the same material as our Kush line of footpads, so you know they can take a hit and bounce back.  They take a beating so your hub doesn't have to. $55 for protection, or $550 for replacement, the choice is yours.  TFL Life Savers give your rim (and your wallet) a fighting chance.

Installation instructions here: https://youtu.be/xgaNCzN1tI0

-o- If you're having trouble installing Float Life Savers, heat them up a bit with a heat gun/blow dryer/oven and that will make them a touch stretchier -o-

Customer Reviews

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Drop in with Confidence

Installed these on my growler 3 days ago and I absolutely love them.
I recommend these for anyone who enjoys drops.
Life Savers will give you the confidence to hit bigger obstacles without the fear of destroying your board.
Awesome, awesome product you guys.

Eric Spain
Life Savers

Your rim takes a Ton of stress and damage!
Protects your rim Very well, with a good compound for shock absorbtion!
Watch the Install video
Like tires, it's in the Technique!
A small nylon clamp (carefully and gently) and heat helped me install🤙

Nate Y
Float Life Savers

The rim jobs are great! Not worried about landing on rocks as much or slamming down on my board with lower PSI. Just nice knowing there’s something else there to possibly help.

Marco Blanco
Float Life Savers are lifesavers

My board is my everything and with this great product my everything is being protected from head to toe.

Ryan Adams
Get in there and stretch it out

I tried to get the rim jobs on myself, but definitely recommend using a friend to help spread them wide. After a good stretching, they puckered right back up tight around the edges and look like they aren't going anywhere for a long time

Always wear protection