The Hella Small Pump

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Because it's not the size that matters...


The H.S.P is the only pump you'll every need for you PEV! This bad boy will fit basically anywhere. It's hella light, it can hit up to 150 PSI and it even has a freakin' light on it! This thing is super ill and you should definitely pick one up!

Keep it in your car, your backpack, your pocket, it don't matter this thing will fit anywhere... Well... Maybe not everywhere.... Please don't try to put this in your butt...

Customer Reviews

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Grant Clementi
Hella nice

It's small. It's a pump. It's rad.

chris lopez
Makes. My tabletop air compressor look like a fool

It's convenient it's portable it charges up quick you can set beads with the tire relatively quickly or just fill up your tire with air in the jiffy. Totally best 50 bucks I've spent on an air compressor in the past like 5 years

Perry Olson

Works great and love that it’s compact design and features like the light and storable push down to eject hose.

Jeremy Hedges
Hella small pump

Love the hella small pump. Definitely big enough to get the job done. I guess it’s true what they say…big things do come in small packages

Joey Scott
HSP - Hella Strong Pump

The little pump that could! The little pump gets the job done…. and WELL! This thing would smoke the little toaster. Get you one ASAP!