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Because it's not the size that matters...

The H.S.P is the only pump you'll every need for you PEV! This bad boy will fit basically anywhere. It's hella light, it can hit up to 150 PSI and it even has a freakin' light on it! This thing is super ill and you should definitely pick one up!

Keep it in your car, your backpack, your pocket, it don't matter this thing will fit anywhere... Well... Maybe not everywhere.... Please don't try to put this in your butt...

Customer Reviews

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Kelly Parks
Dope Hardware For Sure

Great piece of kit. My first one did stop working after a couple weeks actually, but the Float guys were super quick to get me a replacement mailed out with zero hassle. Aside from that it’s great. Small, compact, i like that it threads onto the valve stem and has an automatic shut off feature when you reach the psi set point. All around great product and great customer service. I’m happy with the purchase and the price point.

WTF Rails

Wow they are really fast!! Set PB all over strava lol

Luiz Machado

G’day mate,

Hope you're doing well! I recently purchased a The Hella Small Pump for my Onewheel Pint X, and I'm experiencing some issues with it. I thought I'd reach out to you guys for some assistance.

So, here's the deal: the pump has this display that shows the current PSI of the tire on the top, and on the bottom, I can set the desired PSI. When I press the button to start the process, it doesn't seem to be filling the tire with the PSI I selected. The top display briefly shows the PSI I want, but then it immediately reverts back to what it was before. This whole thing happens in, like, just one second.

I wanted to ask if you had any ideas about what might be going wrong with the pump. It's a bit puzzling to me, and I'm hoping you can shed some light on the issue.

I was also thinking it might be helpful to send you a video demonstrating the problem. That way, you can see exactly what's happening and provide more accurate advice. Let me know if that's something you'd find useful, and I can easily record and share a video with you.

Thanks a bunch for your help, guys! I really appreciate it.


Taylor Thompson

I’d give y’all 10 stars if I could!! Love the stuff I bought! Moreover I love the extra swag I got!!! Will be ordering again soon!!

Jeffrey Flynn
Just ok for me

My first pump had the battery stop working and I have used the replacement a few times with no problems. But we’ll see. Hopefully that first one was just a dud. Thanks to TFL and Brandon for swapping me it out.