Tire Bead Breaker

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Yo! Put that janky 2x4 away and get yourself some real tools! 

With this super steezy bead breaker, no tire stands a chance 🙅🏼‍♂️

GT Tire Change Tutorial

XR Tire Change Tutorial

Customer Reviews

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Dale Yule
Bead breaker

I probably didn’t need it, but I’m a tool collector and it was so damn cute I couldn’t resist. Works like a charm!

La Roue
Breaking Bad….Beads

This bead breaker will get tires off faster than if ur on meth!

kyle lick
First order, definitely ordering more

Awesome company, I ordered a badger kit and bead breaker and they sent me all kinds of extra little goodies and stickers and magnets. It’s the little things that go a long way for me. I forgot to order the plastic tire levers and they sent me some for free in the order! Can’t say enough about them 🤙🏼

Dan Woodham
Makes light work

This makes breaking the bead so easy a baby could do it. Must have!

Makes tire change easy

I’m a small female that weighs 125 pounds. I also broke my wrist last year and have had three surgeries since then. I’m currently in physical therapy to get more movement out of that thing. Why does this matter? Well, I was able to change my tire quickly and easily with the tire bead breaker. It made it so easy to get the old one off. I don’t have much strength, and I don’t need it with this. Worth the price just for one tire change, but I’ll be doing my friends now. Tires, not them.