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Yo! Put that janky 2x4 away and get yourself some real tools! 

With this super steezy bead breaker, no tire stands a chance 🙅🏼‍♂️

GT Tire Change Tutorial

XR Tire Change Tutorial

Customer Reviews

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Matt Mager
Amazing tool!

I’ve avoided buying a dedicated bead breaker like this for years. I’ve changed dozens of tires without one. Then I finally bought this one cuz the sale was too good to pass up. I’ve since changed 3 tires and it is worth every penny! It’s farrrrr superior to jumping on 2x4s and works way better, easier, and more consistently then any of the hacks out there I’ve tried. Would highly recommend! Anyone on the fence about needing one, I say just get it, it’s worth it!

David Berrios
Just buy it

If you change your tire yourself, just buy the bead breaker. Saves a ton of time and stress. You will not regret it.

It's so nice.

I am satisfied with the fast delivery and quality :)

Brian Piper
Definitely a necessity for swapping the tires

I guess maybe you could do it without this Bead breaker, but why would you??? Makes it a breeze to do a tire change or bust the bead to put on some float savers. Well made, very happy with purchase and as always great freebies in the box, thanks guys!

Well packed well made

Have not used it yet. Did my first tire by hand 'factory tire' not recommended! This however will make it a piece of cake. TY TFL