Float Blocks (GT/GT-S Compatible)

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Float Blocks (GT/GT-S Compatible) solve 3 issues that are prevalent on the Onewheel™️ GT. 

1) Extend short motor cable by 1/4"

2) Increase axle strength by 69% (Jeff's face after Robert showed him the math on this 🤯)

3) Improved heat dissipation through integrated cooling fins

Customer Reviews

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Justin Roy
Problem Solved

I installed the TFL Float Blocks on my WTF GT and can say that the increased motor cable length alone is well worth the investment. Prior to this, I’ve busted two of the motor cable o-rings and even with the TFL cable retainer, my motor cable cord was so short & tight that it was just barely being held in. The plastic o-rings were actually breaking on their own whenever the cable received any additional strain (ie: picking my board up by the rails and accidentally squeezing the motor cable).

Now with the Float Blocks, my motor cable has so much extra length that it’s actually pushing the plug straight into the controller with its own pressure. My latest replacement plastic o-ring is tightening properly and as another back-up, the TFL motor cable retainer is now able to also fully secure the cable in place. It’s just an added bonus that these blocks are also adding strength to the GT axles and provide a bit of additional heat dissipation.

Anyhow, I strongly recommend that you pick some up if you have the short motor cable issue like I did. These solve it 100% and give you peace of mind that your motor cable isn’t going to disconnect on you while riding bumpy trails.

Cameron Smith
These are the answer…

These float blocks are one of the best upgrades on my board! Goodbye stock blocks and hello increased strength by 69%! I had a short motor cable so these were a perfect solution to giving some slack for my new rails as well! 100% get these blocks!

Charlie B
Solid investment for GT and GTS

Over time I think many GT axles will fail. My first axle break happened at 6500 miles and after replacing the motor I wanted a preventative solution. Float blocks were easy to install and promise to be a solid investment for anyone hoping to keep their GT rolling. I have a lot of hope that’ll I’ll still be cheering this on after another 6k.

Sean Paul
Two blocks one hub

The installation went well, follow the videos and you'll be good to go.

I was surprised at how much motor cable length it gained me with the Steep & Deep rails. Before installation I needed the motor cable clip, after there was positive pressure to the plug, not tension.

I love how the TFL Team is solving the hidden issues with the board, in this case they're strengthening it while also adding in some cooling. Brilliantly done.

Fits with the Cold Ones, if anyone is wondering.

Tim H
Solved a problem that didn't need to exist and as always, it's TFL to the rescue!

As a bigger rider aka Clydesdale, I considered many options to strengthen my axle, having not known of the GT's fatal flaw before purchase. Serendipitously, TFL releases the product I need at just the right time.

These things are dense and look awesome, have cooling fins, strengthens the axle by a 'nice' amount and works with Cold Ones! Win win win win. Win⁴!
Did I mention they work with Lifesavers and the stock carry handle? At this price, it would be insane to not at least get these to save your axle from gnar induced destruction.
Thanks, TFL crew! I love you ❤️