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TFL Grip Tape for Onewheel V1/Plus/XR

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Time to freshen up that stock grip and crank your Onewheel game up to 11!

We found that the stock griptape that comes with your Onewheel doesn’t quite hold up to the type of floating we put our boards through on a daily basis. We tried some replacements, but regular skateboard grip tape ends up slippery and worn out after half a trail ride, while Vicious is just a bit too gnarly and cuts up our hands and shoes. We developed TFL Griptape to be the first ever Onewheel specific griptape that’s a perfect happy medium!

It’s coarse enough to keep your feet locked in, yet forgiving enough to allow for small foot adjustments and not shred you to pieces! We utilized a large durable aluminium oxide granule so it has no trouble standing up to a heavy wire brush cleaning without losing grip! Say goodbye to dirt-caked griptape forever! They come pre-cut so no razor blade needed and it’s as simple as peel and stick.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
anthony h
Finally a good riding experience

After having my onewheel for a year, I’m appalled that I did not change it to the TFL grip tape sooner. I feel secure to the board, but also feel confident doing tricks.

Reuben Hostetler

Tfl grip tape is the best in the game would recommend it to anyone!!

Andrew Watson
Best grip

More grit than a cat's tongue


Cut out was perfect fo my XR and great improvement in grip over stock. Very easy to do! TFL win

dean jordan
Grip tape dilemma

I buy float life grip tape for Kush lo, because it’s the best, but I wish I could buy Kush lo without grip tape and then just put the grip tape on it, after I put the sensors on, because it’s the best. I make front foot pads for XR.