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Gripples are great for extra traction on your footpads AND help solve sensor engagement issues! But that's not all folks! The Gripples are also an excellent shock absorber and rail protection!


  • 4 Gripples
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • TFL Stickers

Peel, stick, and then LET IT RIP!! WITH GRIPPLES!!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Tyler Barr

I put mine on with two gripples near my toes on the front as that's where I get a put a lot of weight while riding. I didn't use any on my rear foot pad with the cush low I think I'm pretty locked in back there. I might stick one more on the front or another on the back pad.
These are great so far though, love how much better my grip was on my first ride. Hopefully durability is good but they seem pretty darn stuck on for now.
The only downside to these is that they are kinda sharp for barefoot riding so I might not put them on my GT since I do some barefoot beach rides with that.

Hank Amore
This is a must have

I saw all the positive reviews and I was a bit skeptical but man does it work! Your feet just stay in place. No sliding shifting or moving around when you’re riding. The activation is amazing as well it just activates how it should. Before I got it I thought it would be like sticky and that’s how you would stay on but it’s basically just plastic with bumps in it but it really works. I also got some swag with the order. This is a must purchase GET THEM NOW!

Phil koga
Gripple gang !!!

These things are dope. They do exactly what they are intended to do. They grab your soul and won’t let them go. Even on the toughest terrain there is no more sliding around. Your able to hit the biggest berms launch off the highest drops. Highly recommend to anyone that is tired of not having a place for there feet to chill. Grab a pair and join the gripple gang!!

Joe Wu
Gripples nice!!!

Works great especially for my 6 yr old now Onewheel works as it should. Lol

Patrick Flowers
No more activation issues

After installing these, I can mount my GT without any activation issues.
Do not notice any issues with heal stops either.