Float Fender 2 for Onewheel+ XR

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The most lightweight, quiet, and affordable fender on the market – BY FAR!

Float Fender features:

  • Quiet – New Sshhh… Sound Deadening Tech recently added!
  • Affordable –  It’s less than half the price of the stock fender. Yeah, seriously we are hooking it up here!
  • Durable – You don’t even want to know the type of beating we put on this during testing. Our Onewheel actually broke before the Float Fender.
  • Lightweight – Weighs just a fraction of the stock fender.
  • Quick install – Less than 45 seconds and it’s on your Onewheel ready to smash some puddles!
  • Zero foot pad loss – Other fenders require you to lose some valuable foot pad real estate. The Float Fender actually drops down short of your foot pad, leaving you all that luxurious room for your feet!
  • Zero foot pad leaking – Say goodbye to water and mud leaking onto your foot pads! The short drop down makes dripping foot pads a thing of the past.
  • 100% Concave foot pad compatible – 100% compatible with every foot pad on the market! Kush, flat, Pro Ride, whatever you got, the Float Fender will fit. *Unless you have a Flight Fender, in which case why the heck are you looking at this? Go buy yourself a FlightShield dude!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews

It looks awesome on my setup…
Am looking forward to get another one,in white…

The Best Fender

Light, durable, sexy, and cheap. It's perfect.


Nice and flimsy just like I like it haven't had a crash in it yet to see how it holds up hopefully it won't break the first time around

Great low cost lightweight fender option.

Nice cheap option for a fender that does not sit on your pad affecting grip displacement or pressure on the sensor.


Pretty easy to shape after unpacking

Has a layer of foam underneath to dampen the sound.

Had to remove a small strip of the foam on each end to prevent some minor rubbing.

Missing thumb screw hardware.

Should probably be shipped in a tube rather than a bag to preserve the shape better in shipment

AndyMan - iFlyLow
Sleek & Effective - Float Fender 2

Picked up the FF2 for the XR. Probably the easiest accessory I've installed to date. Love the thumb screws for quick cleaning! All the protection from flying stones and spraying water without the added weight. Can be noisy if the wheel traps a random object (i.e. acorns, small stones) otherwise great a Highly recommend. Hasn't seen too many miles yet, but I expect it to hold up to my ride style