B.A.N.G. Bumpers (XR) - Matte Finish

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B.A.N.G. what does that stand for?

Bad Ass New Gear?

Buttery As Nipple Grease?

Baller Anti Nose Grinds?

We'll let you be the judge! Whatever you call them, the new BANG Bumpers are the next level in balance board technology. With inserts guaranteed to never spin and hand poured in the USA from Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (aka the strongest and slickest plastic in existence)🤘

 *Note every B.A.N.G. Bumper is hand poured so no two will be exactly the same! All swirls will be unique.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 208 reviews
Jacob Dungan
Good but some issues

The products I received are about 70% what I was wanting. The bang bumpers feel great but didn’t line up well for my car, and I had to fight to get them on. The back footpad for the kush wide also didn’t wanna fit so well. And the front footpad never came with any electronics or sensors so I currently cannot use it. Bearings are great tho. Would like some clarification on the products and what all is included before purchasing but all in all I can make it work with some jank. Just weird that products for an xr don’t really fit on an xr

Michael VanderMeer
These Rock!

BANG bumpers are the best bumpers on the market for Onewheels. All my boards have BANG bumpers on them. Protect your board and ride hard, grab yourself a set!


Fitment was awesome, great quality parts!

awesome product

color pattern was awesome fast shipping

Sam Hayes
Bangs are lovely

Bangs are the only bumpers for xr to buy however mine came with a heavy warp to it, unsure if this defect is normal or acceptable and wish there was a list of things that warrant a replacement so I can be sure before shipping it back to tfl under warranty