Float Blocks (GT/GT-S Compatible)

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Float Blocks (GT/GT-S Compatible) solve 3 issues that are prevalent on the Onewheel™️ GT. 

1) Extend short motor cable by 1/4"

2) Increase axle strength by 69% (Jeff's face after Robert showed him the math on this 🤯)

3) Improved heat dissipation through integrated cooling fins

Customer Reviews

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Mateusz Kubuszok
I feel safer now

I have GT-S so the cable now feels a bit too _long_, and (hopefully) I won't have to change my tire anytime soon, cause I'd have to de-assemble 1 rails, cold ones, life-saver...

But until that time comes, I feel that the axle sits pretty tight and stable, there should be no risk of breaking it and with a better cooling. Arguable it looks better than the stock blocks too.

Benjamin Cruz
From a true Clydesdale!

Picked these up 1, I live in Az where temperatures this past year reached 119 & 2, I am a TRUE CLYDESDALE at 290, previously 316. Not only does it strengthens the axel, but it also helps dissipate the heat. Win..win no matter how you put it.

Steeezy axle blocks

really nice anodizing and well-machined heat sink fins, they’re a great addition to my GT. not sure if the mag handle will work with an MTE hub. I didn’t try too hard and ended up leaving it off. all in all, more billet sexiness from our fav TFL innovators


Flock blocks in fun metal adds 2HP and 69% more strength!? LEGGO!

Justin Roy
Problem Solved

I installed the TFL Float Blocks on my WTF GT and can say that the increased motor cable length alone is well worth the investment. Prior to this, I’ve busted two of the motor cable o-rings and even with the TFL cable retainer, my motor cable cord was so short & tight that it was just barely being held in. The plastic o-rings were actually breaking on their own whenever the cable received any additional strain (ie: picking my board up by the rails and accidentally squeezing the motor cable).

Now with the Float Blocks, my motor cable has so much extra length that it’s actually pushing the plug straight into the controller with its own pressure. My latest replacement plastic o-ring is tightening properly and as another back-up, the TFL motor cable retainer is now able to also fully secure the cable in place. It’s just an added bonus that these blocks are also adding strength to the GT axles and provide a bit of additional heat dissipation.

Anyhow, I strongly recommend that you pick some up if you have the short motor cable issue like I did. These solve it 100% and give you peace of mind that your motor cable isn’t going to disconnect on you while riding bumpy trails.