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Gripples are great for extra traction on your footpads AND help solve sensor engagement issues! But that's not all folks! The Gripples are also an excellent shock absorber and rail protection!


  • 4 Gripples
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • TFL Stickers

Peel, stick, and then LET IT RIP!! WITH GRIPPLES!!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
James Turner
Great for footpad sensor

Worked great to help engage the front footpad sensor for our kid.

Christopher Beaman
Gripples for the win!

I'm new to OW (less than 100 miles) and was having a problem getting my foot to always activate both front sensors...even with flat skate shoes. When I did get my foot positioned just right, I was afraid to move it and sometimes sucked because my foot was not in the most comfortable position. I added stick-on furniture pads which really helped, but these are way better! Almost zero false starts. The adhesive is also excellent - get some, you'll be stoked!


Very versatile. Ordered these because I'm making sensored footpads and they weren't sensitive enough for me. Put these on and immediately fixed the activation issues.


so far so good! the long drawn out how to directions and video on how to use them were very helpful.. my Yeti now has fantastic grip and doesn't fall off table..LOL

Not for me, too ugly

Look, maybe these are great for adding grip to stock footpads. They don't fit my Platysense pads, but that's okay, I bought them to protect my WTF Low Rider rails. They technically fit fine and stick well, but they ruin the sleak WTF look with jarring lines and reddish violet hues, unlike the blueish "retro purple" in the pictures. I have matte rainbow rails so you'd think they would match any solid color. Nope. Spiky magenta accents match nothing. I took them off and replaced them with transparent bumpers made for doorknobs, from Walmart. Huge upgrade! If you insist on buying these, please get clear so they're less visible to innocent passersby.

P.S. I love FL and have spent thousands here, but this is an honest review.