Badger Waterproofing Kit for Onewheel™

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 Badger your Onewheel with the ORIGINAL DIY waterproofing kit! Extend the life of your board by protecting your footpads and electronics from splashing or seeping water.

If you don't have the proper tools to install Water Proofing Kit, check out our GT Tool Kit and Pint Tool Kit!

 *Compatible with GT, Pint, & Pint X*

XR Badger Waterproofing Kit Instructions

GT/Pint Badger Waterproofing Kit Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Will Servoss
Great kit to waterproof your Onewheel.

Kit comes with everything you’ll need to waterproof and verify that it is waterproof. Just be careful with the little replacement vents , I had the window open, and the wind blew mine off the table, and it took me an hour to find them.

Keahi Bonsell
Great but came spilled

All and all this kit worked well and installed great. I do have a few complaints though and these are the reasons I’d give it 3 stars compared to other options, instead of a full 5. The rubbing alcohol bottle came broken and and 3/4 of it spilled everywhere inside the package making everything wet and slimey I took everything out and dried it off and realized that the little grease pack that was supposed to be there, wasn’t. Everything installed okay and the foam idea on the footpads was a great idea. I would recommend using the 1wheel parts installing guide on YouTube to do all the silicone. It is much more thorough and goes through everything. If you really want the plugs to be water proof I would recommend buying dielectric grease for if any water does get in there, it doesn’t corrode the pins. I also put a bead of silicone around the hub where the five silver bolts are and the onewheel symbol are to protect it further.

Badgered up

The badger kit comes with everything you will need to do several boards. The yt video was easy to follow. (I recomend watching it all the way through first).
I can now go through a puddle knowing my board is that much more protected.

Adam Hutton
Badger waterproof kit

The kit came with everything I needed and it only took me about an hour to do and was back to riding with no worries!

Waterproof peace of mind

Easy to do with the video and now I cruise after rain showers without a second thought! Another W from TFL my friends