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Because it's not the size that matters...

The H.S.P is the only pump you'll every need for you PEV! This bad boy will fit basically anywhere. It's hella light, it can hit up to 150 PSI and it even has a freakin' light on it! This thing is super ill and you should definitely pick one up!

Keep it in your car, your backpack, your pocket, it don't matter this thing will fit anywhere... Well... Maybe not everywhere.... Please don't try to put this in your butt...

Customer Reviews

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Chris Carter
Sweet pump!

This is an epic Hella Small Pump. I never realized how much the PSI made a difference and this lets me adjust on the fly. It’s so amazing. Just buy one. You’ll be happy you did!

Hella practical little pump!

Tiny yet powerful, it does the job!

Dave Brown
Works great, preset feature is nice.

You can't tell from the pictures but this thing comes with a built in air gauge that tells you the pressure and a preset option so you can set the PSI where you want it and hit go. Well worth the money, very compact and easy to carry with gear.

Chris Seppi
Hella rad pump

This pump is exactly what every rider needs. It's compact. Fits in your pocket if need be. Digital display. Just set it and forget it. Best money I've spent on an airpump. Psi digital display. So no pressure gauge needed. Highly recommend it.

Hella pumped

My tire is happy with this purchase <3