Cold Blocks (5" MTE Compatible)

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Don't you love when DJ's do a mashup of two of your favorite songs? Well we did a little mashup of our own and it's called Cold Blocks! We took all of the best parts of Float Blocks and Cold Ones to get the ultimate all in one Hub Blocks!

Cold Blocks (XR/GT/GT-S Compatible) solve 3 issues that are prevalent in Onewheels™️ 

1) Extend short motor cable by 1/4"

2) Increase axle strength by 69% (Jeff's face after Robert showed him the math on this 🤯)

3) Improved heat dissipation through integrated cooling fins

 Note: While these are cooling blocks designed for MTE Hubs, these Cold Blocks are not only for MTE Hubs and WILL WORK on your GT/GT-S with a stock hub.

Customer Reviews

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Cold Blocks

The seem to help keep the motor a little cooler but more importantly they clock the axle which makes it stronger. Now I just need the MTE hub to come back in stock.

Josh Moulton
Climbed a 1000ft mountain and didn't overheat

Recently scouted Goat Mountain in Bass Lake to see if they are viable trails (not really) and I climbed 1000ft in rocky, rough and steep elevation on my 84v vesc. The combination of MTE, cold blocks and dubs kept my motor cool the entire way up.

abdullah alqattan

best upgrade with the mte hub


Looks nice with 5in hub!

They work!

I was getting high temp pushback on my VeXR on a certain hill climb. Installed these ice cubes and statorade at the same time and I’m riding much cooler now. No more pushback