TFL Wire Brush (Grip Tape Cleaner)

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Heavy duty grip tape calls for a heavy duty cleaning tool. The TFL Wire Brush is built with an ergonomic wood grip and stiff, yet forgiving, brass bristles which will clean up muddy slippery grip quicker than you can say "erasers are whack and don't really work!" If you're a trail rider, the TFL Wire Brush is a must-have in your trail kit.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Crotts
Grip tape brush

It works great for the light stuff but for free with my purchase, it's f#%$^&@ awesome! 5 ☆s

Works great

Does exactly what it’s supposed to, way better than what I had been using prior

Wade Armstrong
Awesome product

Let’s just say this little tool gets the job done, whatever dirt or grime you got on your grip tape POOF gone with just a little elbow grease.

excellent brush!!

Ever have an important sweeping job to do but had to do so with a sh!tty broom??? SUCKS!!! This is one of those awesome horsehair ones that you can sometimes find and almost makes the job fun :). I have custom, detailed grip tape and this does an amazing job at making it look crispy every session!!! Thank you TFL for an exceptional item once again!

Cool Brush but...

I ordered this brush with a set of BANGs and the brush was shipped inside the box for the BANGs, which caused some of the bristles to be bent all over the place. So that made me a little bummed but the brush still works as it should and it's all good!