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Foundation Onewheel Stand - Board Stand for Onewheel+ XR & Onewheel Pint/Pint X

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The Best Onewheel Stand: Float Life Foundation Onewheel Stand

There are quite a few OW that stands out there, but nothing we could find that was affordable, functional, minimalist, and looked damn good too! We designed the Onewheel Foundation to be a piece we would actually want to have in our own homes! Plus, being the most affordable Onewheel stand on the market doesn’t hurt. 

Key Features of Float Life Foundation Onewheel Stand:

- Heavy-duty bent steel construction

- Powder coat flat black finish

- Rear cutout for Ultracharger

- Works with the V1, Plus, Pint and XR's

- Handmade in California

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Get the Best OneWheel Stand Delivered Right to You

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Enjoy a Quality Onewheel Stand for Your Board

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This Onewheel Stand is Compatible with both the XR and Pint Models

The Float Life is committed to creating the highest quality Onewheel accessories, including our proprietary Onewheel Stand. If you're tired of having your Onewheel board just laying around, and want a proper place to put it, then don't hesitate to order our Onewheel stand. You'll receive this Onewheel stand straight to your door within a couple of days. If for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your Onewheel stand, then give us a call.

When You Buy a Onewheel Stand From The Float Life...

When you buy a Onewheel stand from The Float Life, you're supporting a US-based business. All of our Onewheel stands are manufactured locally in California - and that's something we're proud of.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
James Dunifer

Perfect stand.

Miguel Murra

Foundation Onewheel+ XR/Pint Stand

Jan V.
One stand to rule them all!

Space saver and is the best way to showcase your beloved onewheel!

Jeremy Powell
Fantastic display

Gets it out of the way and shows off the board at the same time. Extremely happy!

Kayla Lilly
The cheapest Onewheel Stand!

I bought two of these stands and absolutely love them!! I should have bought a stand sooner. Fits my Onewheel with the kush Hi.