B.A.N.G. Bumpers (GT/GT-S)

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B.A.N.G. what does that stand for?

Bad Ass New Gear?

Buttery As Nipple Grease?

Baller Anti Nosedive Grinds?

We'll let you be the judge! Whatever you call them, the new BANG Bumpers are the next level in balance board technology. Hand poured in the USA from Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (aka the strongest and slickest plastic in existence)🤘

*These BANG Bumpers are only compatible with the Onewheel GT and Onewheel GT-S Series. We have XR compatible BANG Bumpers here.

 *Note every B.A.N.G. Bumper is hand poured in the USA so no two will be exactly the same! All swirls will be unique with a Gloss Finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Look good, fit well

Had these on my old XR, had to get a set for the GTS. They fit and look good. Got them in camo blue, would like to see them in orange camo, or camo that includes orange!

Alexander Tilley

Hell yeah!

Ryan Hupman

These thing’s really bang slickest sliding bumpers on the market!

Ben Crystal
So slick!

They feel nice to hold with and without gloves although there might be a little less clearance for thick winter gloves! I didn't really think about this but because they're so slick it's much easier to wipe the gunk off before bringing it into my apartment haha, and nose/ tail drags on the GTS feel more stable and predictable in a way too! I dig :)

I got lucky with the molding I think too, both rear and front pop out about 1 millimeter forward from the footpads which I like, pretty much visually unnoticeable but I think it protects the footpads a little, and there is about a 1 mm gap symmetrically centered in the front footpad but it's pretty much unnoticeable! Back footpad is flush :) Keep up the good form, guys 🔥🔥🔥 these pours are clean~

Anthony Bacchieri

I would give them a 5 because the product is dope. But there is a gap in the center edge where it meets the front footpad

Love y'all product though