B.A.N.G. Bumpers (XR) - Matte Finish

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B.A.N.G. what does that stand for?

Bad Ass New Gear?

Buttery As Nipple Grease?

Baller Anti Nose Grinds?

We'll let you be the judge! Whatever you call them, the new BANG Bumpers are the next level in balance board technology. With inserts guaranteed to never spin and hand poured in the USA from Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene (aka the strongest and slickest plastic in existence)🤘

 *Note every B.A.N.G. Bumper is hand poured so no two will be exactly the same! All swirls will be unique.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews

As soon as I installed them they dropped weight from my board. I bought my XR as a second hand and it came with the float plates and stock bumpers. Soon as I put the bangs on the weight was very noticeable and I was able to practice certain tricks easier because they just slide on almost anything.

kiss kiss bang bang

simply the bests bumpers in the game, and the new colors are amazing... I definitly prefer the mattes ones than the glossys...

Reed Graham
Simply the best bumpers out there in my opinion the only option

I've tried them all and these are just the highest quality bumpers out there and they should be the de facto default when you need new ones

Essential if you ride hard

If you ride trails with rocks and roots, or do tricks and curb nudges on pavement, these are a no brainer. Stock XR bumpers where down super quick and don’t even protect the battery.

I had zero issue fitting them on the board as some mentioned. All around super slick, great quality, and just makes me feel better about the board I am riding.

Dominic S
Go for BANGs

If you don't have one you should try them...they are a great look and give you alittle more ground clearance. The grip is a lot more comfortable than stock as well.