Float Fender 2 for Onewheel+ XR

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The most lightweight, quiet, and affordable fender on the market – BY FAR!

Float Fender features:

  • Quiet – New Sshhh… Sound Deadening Tech recently added!
  • Affordable –  It’s less than half the price of the stock fender. Yeah, seriously we are hooking it up here!
  • Durable – You don’t even want to know the type of beating we put on this during testing. Our Onewheel actually broke before the Float Fender.
  • Lightweight – Weighs just a fraction of the stock fender.
  • Quick install – Less than 45 seconds and it’s on your Onewheel ready to smash some puddles!
  • Zero foot pad loss – Other fenders require you to lose some valuable foot pad real estate. The Float Fender actually drops down short of your foot pad, leaving you all that luxurious room for your feet!
  • Zero foot pad leaking – Say goodbye to water and mud leaking onto your foot pads! The short drop down makes dripping foot pads a thing of the past.
  • 100% Concave foot pad compatible – 100% compatible with every foot pad on the market! Kush, flat, Pro Ride, whatever you got, the Float Fender will fit. *Unless you have a Flight Fender, in which case why the heck are you looking at this? Go buy yourself a FlightShield dude!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Todd Estey
Love Float Life!-Not satisfied with Fender 2

I was hoping for the best on this one but within a day the foam backing was chewed up enough that it was rubbing on my tire. Did not even get a day's use out of it. Planning on scraping off the foam and putting it back on.:-( I think it would work great for a pavement only rider.

phil goeckler
Makes a bit too much noise

I love the flexible and minimalist design but when rocks stick to the tires they rub on the fender and it makes a lot of noise.

Can't hold up

I love most of my purchases from TFL but this one just couldn't last. Only took a a single tumble down a short grassy hill and was destroyed. It looked nice while it lasted. Oh well.

Harley Ethrlbah
Not Good for off-road

This fender with the foam inside is not good on gravel or pebbles of any kind.
I was hoping for something quieter and more resilient to stock. With the gravel we ride on the foam started to disintegrate within the very first ride.
I think for payment this fender would be ok, just ok.

Easy and Awesome

I was in the market for a simple fender for my OWXR and this fit the mold perfectly. For context, I am a new rider with zero OW experience prior to purchasing my first board two weeks ago. The instructions were basic enough to follow but I still searched for a YouTube video on the installation to make sure I didn't mess it up. The screws were a little finicky at first but ultimately they threaded just fine and it took me about 10 mins to install.

On the road the fender works exactly as expected. I've ridden over a few different types of terrain to test it out and it has so far held up perfectly. Even when subjected to a few low speed tumbles while practicing my dismounts/bailing. Not sure how the durability will hold up long term but so far so good.