Float Fender 2 for Onewheel+ XR

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The most lightweight, quiet, and affordable fender on the market – BY FAR!

Float Fender features:

  • Quiet – New Sshhh… Sound Deadening Tech recently added!
  • Affordable –  It’s less than half the price of the stock fender. Yeah, seriously we are hooking it up here!
  • Durable – You don’t even want to know the type of beating we put on this during testing. Our Onewheel actually broke before the Float Fender.
  • Lightweight – Weighs just a fraction of the stock fender.
  • Quick install – Less than 45 seconds and it’s on your Onewheel ready to smash some puddles!
  • Zero foot pad loss – Other fenders require you to lose some valuable foot pad real estate. The Float Fender actually drops down short of your foot pad, leaving you all that luxurious room for your feet!
  • Zero foot pad leaking – Say goodbye to water and mud leaking onto your foot pads! The short drop down makes dripping foot pads a thing of the past.
  • 100% Concave foot pad compatible – 100% compatible with every foot pad on the market! Kush, flat, Pro Ride, whatever you got, the Float Fender will fit. *Unless you have a Flight Fender, in which case why the heck are you looking at this? Go buy yourself a FlightShield dude!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Not Bad

Like how its lightweight and easy to put on. Hard to find the right shape. Cutting out the chunk of foam was pretty easy as well.

Perfect minimalistic fender.

I am a new Onewheel rider and I'm practicing on some fine gravel trails. The Float Fender 2 was simple to put on and remove/reinstall when I got some Sidekicks in. They stop all the ground junk from kicking up and ending up in my shoes and doesn't block any space on the deck as I work out the best foot positioning. All this at a really good price - I highly recommend this fender.

not bad

I was skeptical about buying this because of the price, but the product is well produced, and I like how it's finished.


Float Fender 2 for Onewheel+ XR

Keeping dry on the go

The new fenders are awesome I can go through small puddles and not even get wet. Excellent purchase