Drop Top (Top Only) (XR & GT/GT-S)

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That’s right, the Tops are interchangeable between XR & GT/GT-S Drop Top Bases! 

Note: if you have GT Low Rider WTF rails you'll need a lift kit shim available to print for free here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thefloatlife/designs

Note: if you have XR WTF  rails and a big tire like Maxxis 6.5 or Enduro 655, you'll need a lift kit shim available for purchase here or to print for free here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thefloatlife/designs

*Is not compatible with first run XR OG WTF rails

Drop Top Fender Kit Feature:

👍 Easiest on/off Conversion whether rain or shine, leave that tool at home and pop your fender top on or off in 2 seconds flat! Sun's out? Let that tire breathe! Looking wet outside? Pop that top on and keep your pants dry. The Drop Top Fender is the quickest and easiest on/off in the game!

👍 Quick Debris Clean trail junkies know that sticks and leaves get lodged in your fender, potentially locking-up your tire and seizing your motor! With the Drop Top Fender, one quick click off and you can clear those debris then keep on shredding with the quickness!

👍 Locked-In Tech the problem with current removable fenders is they can pop off during tough trails or drops. Not with the Drop Top Fender! With the new Locked-In Tech, you Drop Top Fender will stay locked-in place through some pretty damn heavy hits. Just set it and forget it!

👍 Insane Durability we legit built the Drop Top Fender out of the same material they make hockey helmets from. If it's tough enough for Wayne Gretzky to take a 100+mph slap shot to the dome, it's tough enough for your wheel!

👍 WTF Rail Compatible Purpose built for all WTF rails. From Low Riders to Steep & Deep, we got you covered. Note, the Low Riders will require a special lift kit which you can print yourself here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sean Paul
Get extras

My only regret with the drop to fenders was not getting extra ones with the colors that I like.

They're strong, but not indestructible.

gracyn bowman
i absolutely love it

the drop top is awesome especially for riding in mud or sticks because it’s so easy to take off and clean!!