Drop Top Fender Kit (GT/GT-S)

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Note: if you have GT Low Rider WTF rails you'll need a lift kit shim available to print for free here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thefloatlife/designs

Drop Top Fender Kit Feature:

👍 Easiest on/off Conversion whether rain or shine, leave that tool at home and pop your fender top on or off in 2 seconds flat! Sun's out? Let that tire breathe! Looking wet outside? Pop that top on and keep your pants dry. The Drop Top Fender is the quickest and easiest on/off in the game!

👍 Quick Debris Clean trail junkies know that sticks and leaves get lodged in your fender, potentially locking-up your tire and seizing your motor! With the Drop Top Fender, one quick click off and you can clear those debris then keep on shredding with the quickness!

👍 Locked-In Tech the problem with current removable fenders is they can pop off during tough trails or drops. Not with the Drop Top Fender! With the new Locked-In Tech, you Drop Top Fender will stay locked-in place through some pretty damn heavy hits. Just set it and forget it!

👍 Insane Durability we legit built the Drop Top Fender out of the same material they make hockey helmets from. If it's tough enough for Wayne Gretzky to take a 100+mph slap shot to the dome, it's tough enough for your wheel!

👍 WTF Rail Compatible Purpose built for all WTF rails. From Low Riders to Steep & Deep, we got you covered. Note, the Low Riders will require a special lift kit which you can print yourself here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Perfect for the gt

Sometimes you want that tire free and open. Sometimes you want to avoid a buncha junk thrown up on your legs. But everytime, you’ll want the Drop Top fender kit dialed in to complete your gt or gts 🤙 this thing is perfect, fits nice and snug. It’s taken a few tumbles on my board, and it’s going strong!💪


Fits perfectly, no more rocks and junk on my legs during the damp days and it’s got the suns out guns out top down option that make the sunny days extra flowy.

Dana Bartley

Love it.

John Jordan
Oh, snap!

It works perfectly, fits perfectly, looks amazing and my shoes are clean and clear of debris! Thanks for another awesome product, TFL!!

Joshua Link
Color, usability, vibes all immaculate

Besides the N64 orange looking bad ass on my board, removing and putting on the droptop is seamless. The included fabric bag to carry the top piece is perfect and has enough room to carry chargers and anything else I need along my ride. Per usual, Float Life leads the pack in Onewheel advancements and accessories