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We all love a good shirt but we also love a good mystery.

Pick your size and get a surprise!


Customer Reviews

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Rolled the dice and won 🏆

I got the basic black tee with an embroidered "Float" on the chest. It's a good quality tee that fits great. I'm 6'2 and about 190lbs. Large fits me great, not too boxy. 🤘

John Howard
Mystery Tee

I laughed when I opened up a Christmas Tee . It's a great tee shirt of the Grinch but I can't wear it till next winter lol. I was expecting a hot pink or teal colored shirt, so I'm happy the color of it wasn't those colors but having a tee I could wear 3/4 year might have been better than one I can only wear during the holidays.

Sick Tees!

I've received a nice assortment of mystery shirts over the many orders I've placed and you really can't go wrong with them! Especially if you're looking to represent! If you get a Grinch shirt consider yourself blessed. That's probably my favorite graphic to date and receiving it in February brought a develish grin to my face! I'd actually just ordered another five tees expecting them all to be Grinch ones but alas I was only blessed with the one... I'm honestly surprised by the lack of repeats! Thanks, guys! fo;mf

Monics Jarkiewicz
Love the Grinch

Love Love Love it !!! Can’t wait till Christmas to wear it!!! Thank you !!!

Xavier Mendoza
Mystery t-shirt

Loved it !! Can't go wrong!