*BLEM* Cold Blocks (5" MTE Compatible)

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Don't you love when DJ's do a mashup of two of your favorite songs? Well we did a little mashup of our own and it's called Cold Blocks! We took all of the best parts of Float Blocks and Cold Ones to get the ultimate all in one Hub Blocks!

Cold Blocks (GT/GT-S) Compatible) solve 3 issues that are prevalent in Onewheel™️ GTs

1) Extend short motor cable by 1/4"

2) Increase axle strength by 69% (Jeff's face after Robert showed him the math on this 🤯)

3) Improved heat dissipation through integrated cooling fins

 Note: While these are cooling blocks designed for MTE Hubs, these Cold Blocks are not only for MTE Hubs and WILL WORK on your GT/GT-S with a stock hub.

Customer Reviews

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Thought these were listed as BLEM to blowout the inventory. Mine looks like it was used or someone tried to install it and beat it up in the process then returned it. Dope concept but mine was trashed upon arrival.


Easy install. Looks great. It works great. Board is 69% better.


So smooth and great ride drops the temp on the hub great for the summer months

Fits the MTE

As advertised, it fits the MTE. Don’t forget to tighten the hidden screw (with the supplied long Allen key) so the blocks are snug around the shaft and to rotate the valve stem once the tire is inflated! The motor cable is indeed “longer” once mounted thanks to the magical 90° axle rotation. Too early to report on the real cooling effect as temperatures are not that high yet.