Badger Bumpers (XR)

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(Compatible with XR only)

*See below if you’re using WTF Rails by The Float Life.

Includes Front and Rear Bumper and all hardware.

ZERO threaded inserts to strip, rip out or crack.

Front Bumper attaches directly to the rail, preventing damage to the controller threads.

Stainless Steel internal skeleton reinforcement eliminates exposed screws on the ends of the rails, and is re-usable when replacing bumpers. No need to remove fender and footpad.

High-tech material blend is 10x more durable than stock bumpers.

Front handle reinforcement bar doubles as a tow-hook. Easily pull your Onewheel if you run out of juice.

LED gussets prevents direct impact and allows the bumpers to ramp over obstacles that hit the center. Spaced to allow full forward illumination and rear visibility at night.

3/8” extra width at the ends of the rails provides extra rail protection and long life.

Debris guard blocks dirt thrown by the wheel..

*WTF Rails will require you to either skip the 1/4” screws on the front brackets (bumpers will still work fine) or you can use a countersink tool to modify the rails to accept the screws. You can get one at Home Depot. Click here for an example.

Bumper Instructions.jpg
Bumper Instructions (1).jpg

Customer Reviews

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Lucas Allen

I love them so much

Richard Martinson
Favorite bumpers!

I love the badger bumpers. My controller box inserts went bad so these made it perfect with the screws being moved to a bracket (supplied with bumpers). I also love how they fit tiggt around controller box and battery box helping keep water from getting in (keyword is HELP).

Badger me, baby. Badger me good.

Slick and black and oh so strong. Get some.